Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Reality Is Setting In

Well, after another weekend in our soon-to-be home city and spending Sunday afternoon driving around looking for houses, the reality of this move is beginning to set in.

If you hadn't heard, last week our house went under contract!  It was only on the market for a little over a month and in this economy we are MORE than thrilled with the outcome.  Praise the Lord!  We are just waiting for the inspection to go through and we should be home free.  It looks like we'll be in Raleigh before the close of October!

Wow, it's all happening so quickly!  I'm beginning to think about the people we'll miss, the friendships we've made, the yard we'll no longer have, the house we're about to sell, the different stores I'll have to learn to navigate with the coupon world=), moving with 3, a lot of changes.  I'm so excited at the same time.  So many emotions at one time.

So now we are concentrating on finding a place to live.  It has been fun to look at different houses.  I must admit that I get a little obsessed with the ones I like and it's all I can think about until it is no longer an option, for some reason or another.  I start imaging where our bed will be and where to put a couch and a good place for a Christmas tree.  Come on, you know you do it too;)  You HAVE to have a good place for a Christmas tree!

So, it's really happening!  And SOON!

Lord, I give all my anxieties to you.  Give us wisdom as we seek your will and a peace in our hearts during this unstable, yet exciting time.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Little Something To Tide You Over

It looks like fall but you'll have to ask our mosquitos if it truly is=)

You usually don't have to train a child to like their swing but we needed a backup plan during the colic times when we are unable to hold him and he absolutely HATED his swing.  He's really LOVES it now!  He laughs and talks to his little friends overhead=)

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Got An "F"

I am reading a book by Jeremy Kingsley called, Be Last: Descending to Greatness.  It is a great read so far.  I finished up the first chapter last week about descending and becoming a servant and man was I convicted.  Here's the gist of the book...

"In a world where people are driven tirelessly
by the "me first" mentality, Jesus challenges
us to descend to TRUE greatness."
Humility + Service = Greatness

I've realized just how selfish, impatient and self-centered I truly am.  It is a very humbling book.  I have really been asking God to search me and show me any selfish way in me to work on and to show me areas where I can be a servant...and wouldn't you know He started showing me right away!

I had had a long day with the kids. Josh was out of town.  I had finally gotten Rainy and Zeke in bed and laid Micaiah down after feeding him.  I was half-way in the shower when there was a knock on the door.  I wanted desperately to be done with the day and mindlessly retire to the couch to get caught up on blogs, and other fun stuff like that, after a nice HOT shower, since those are coming few and far between these days=)

But instead I felt a heavenly nudge to go get the door, so I pulled myself together but it was not with a "happy heart" like I so often instruct my own children to do.  I opened the door to a dear lady friend who clearly needed to talk to someone and if you only knew this lady you'd know that it would mean the world to her for me to stop whatever I was doing and sit and talk with her.

But that isn't what I did, inside anyway.  I stood there with a bad attitude trying to smile through my teeth and act interested in what she was saying.  She'll never know the difference.  I put on a good front.  But is that what God had led me to the door to do?  No, he has called me to think of others first and to put other's needs ahead of my own.  What had I JUST read about for crying out loud?!

The whole time we were standing there talking all I could think about was ending the conversation and getting my much-needed (wanted) shower.  

As soon as she left I did get my shower...and a flood of emotions that came with the realization that I had just failed my first test.  I was just as selfish as I'd been convicted of earlier that day.  I pray that the next time I have a God-given appointment that I will grab a hold of it and run.  That's the example that Jesus showed us all throughout the Bible.  And I promise that if you come up to talk to me I will genuinely pay attention to you and NOT stand there thinking about my shower that I missed (again);)

You can check out this blog post I read the very next day about interruptions in our day.  Sometimes those are God-given appointments that are well-worth the interruption.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Are You Really Going Out Looking Like That?

The other day I had to run out to the store.  I had a quick window of opportunity to go without the kids so I just did what any other mom would do.  No, I didn't take a shower, put on make-up or even brush my hair.  I exchanged my work-out shorts for a pair of jeans.  They looked fine with the tank top that I had just worked out in, right?!  And I didn't smell TOO bad.  I just prayed that I wouldn't run into anyone I knew;)

I'd show you a picture of my chosen attire but I then I would feel a little too vulnerable!

It's confession time ladies.  How many of you have been known to run out in public looking like you just woke up or just hopped off the treadmill?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Is Too Funny

Check out Josh's post for today if you want a little chuckle today=)  I couldn't help but share it with ya'll!

Bills, Bills, Bills

It seems as though we've been flooded with bills lately for doctors visits for ALL 5 of us and the birth of Micaiah.  It's a little overwhelming but I try my very best to keep up with all the figures to make sure we aren't overpaying or duplicating a payment which has already been paid by our insurance, which so commonly happens.

Today, as I was trying to get caught up on some bill paying after being out of town, I came across 3 separate hospital bills.  

I pulled out my pile of "explanation of benefits" from our insurance company and cross-referenced all the figures to make sure they matched up.  You know, I used to just throw those things away or just file them away, unopened, but I've since learned my lesson.  

One of the bills that I had received did not have an explanation of benefits to go with it so I called them up and they hadn't even submitted the claim.  She said "We do the hearing test in the hospital for newborns and we never get insurance paperwork while we are in there."  Yes, you read that correctly, they NEVER even get paperwork in the hospital while they are in there, it is up to us to make sure we call them, give them our information, and then ask them to file it with our insurance.  If we don't, then we are stuck paying in full without even knowing it for something that is probably covered by our insurance.  That one call may potentially save us a couple hundred dollars.

The other 2 bills had those explanation of benefits to go along with them and the amounts were correct.  Here is what I do with each bill, large or small.  I call and say "Yes, my name is Tasha Via and I just received a bill in the mail.  I was wondering if you could check my account for me to see if I am eligible for any additional discounts if I am willing to pay in full today."  1 of the bills didn't qualify, but 1 did.  In fact they gave me a 20% discount off of my total which saved us about $100!

So, make sure you are opening those papers from your insurance and calling about every bill.  It is SO worth it.  Sometimes you may only save a few dollars but every little bit helps=)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Words Of Wisdom

Areyna:  "I'm done!!!!"

Josh:  "Well, you just need to sit there for another minute to make sure.  I don't like to wipe twice."

Oh, the things that come out of our mouths as parents;)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Past 2 Weeks

We have had a busy couple of weeks.

All last week Josh was doing ministry with his dad near Fredricksburg, VA.  The kids and I drove up to VA with him and spent the week with his mom.  We had a blast!  Janet went all out for "B" week and helped me with the kid's school.  They painted "B"ird houses and went on a "B" walk looking for things that started with "B".  We ate spaghetti and meat"B"alls and "B"ean burritos.  It think they've got "B" down;)  I got a chance to catch up on some sleep and just spend some one-on-one time with Micaiah.  It was such a blessing!

After Josh got back from Fredricksburg we headed down to New Sandy Creek Baptist Church to lead worship for their annual women's conference.  The speaker was Luann Prater from Proverbs 31 Ministries.  God really moved among the ladies who attended.

We also got to spend some quality time with "Grammy and Papa" while at the conference.  The pastor and his family, whom we love so dearly, have become grandparents to our kids and family to us and we always enjoy our time with them.  I can't believe I didn't get a single picture!  To say that Rainy and Zeke were SAD about leaving is an understatement!

We got home on Saturday night and boy were we all tired but we weren't done yet.

We woke up early and headed to Pageland, SC where we lead worship for South Pointe Fellowship.  It was so good to be back there and see some dear friends that we hadn't seen in over a year.  Thanks for having us back!

Let's just say that it's been a very rewarding couple of weeks.  A very tiring couple of weeks and it sure is nice to be home=)

Oh, and I did make it to Harris Teeter triples yesterday and made out big!  It's a good thing too because we didn't have much after being gone for so long.  Here are the figures...
Total before coupons:  $165.03
Total after coupons:  $84.61
Total SAVED:  $80.42, plus a $2 catalina to use toward my next purchase

Monday, September 21, 2009


My House Is A Wreck And It Feels Good

Since our house has been on the market I've been so uptight about the cleanliness of it.  I have more than my typical neat freak tendencies;)

Well, today was different after a nice overcast sky brought us some rain and I relaxed a little bit.  The kids have been pulling things out of their playroom all day and they have taken over the house.  The thing is, it didn't even bother me.  It actually felt good!

I didn't even make them clean up before their nap and I sat right in the middle of it in the living room to write this post.  It feels good just to let go sometimes...

Friday, September 18, 2009

There's Something Wrong With This Picture

Josh had meetings all day the other day so I packed up the kids and we met him on the other side of town at a McDonald's so they could play in the indoor play area since it was raining outside.  The funny thing was, they played for about 10 minutes on the playground and over an hour playing in and around the high chairs lined up against the wall.  They were pretending that they were bathtubs, cars, school buses and who knows what else:)

The funnest things to play with are the things where you can use your imagination!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Words Of Wisdom - Spiderman

Zeke just got a spiderman costume and he has practically lived in it since he got home with it.  He has been in spider world ever since, fighting off the green goblin and other "bad guys" to save Ariel his princes;)

Anyway, he found a bottle of gatorade and Josh started calling it "spider juice".  When the bottle was empty he started asking for more "spider juice".  I explained to him that if he drank too much it could make his tummy hurt.

After several attempts to find someone who would give him his "fix" I stooped down to his eye level and said...

Me: "Zeke, what did mommy say about having more "spider juice"?

Zeke:  "That we had to wait to have some more."

Me:  "And why does mommy want you to wait to drink more "spider juice"?

Zeke:  "Because I might turn into a big spider web."

Of Course, naturally=)

Me:  "Uh...yeah...and you might get a tummy ache too." HA!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

She Doesn't Take Her Job Lightly

Areyna helping feed Micaiah for the first time.

Areyna just hates her job as a helper and big sister to Micaiah, can't you tell?:)  Actually, if you could hear her giggling with delight as she fed Cai for the first time you couldn't help but smile yourself.  Her reaction was priceless!

She even swaddled him for me;)

Too Much Stuff

Josh and I have been endlessly cleaning out our house.  You know, those dark places that lurk in the corners of closets, that sit under the bed and that lie, forgotten, up in the attic.  We've been de-personalizing our house which, I have found, to be one of the hardest things to do in a home I've spent hours making into a personalized haven for my family.  But, I digress...we have taken countless items and numerous trash bags FULL of "stuff" to the goodwill and still have TONS OF STUFF!  All in the name of selling our house.

Several questions have come to mind that have helped in the tossing stage during this moving process.

1- Why in the world did I ever buy this?

2- Why do I still have this?

3- How many times do I really wear this?

4- If this is sitting in our attic, unused, then why do we still have it?

5- Do I REALLY need this?

6- Wait, don't I already have one of those?

Now don't get me wrong.  I am not a pack-rat by any means.  I am constantly purging our house of unused and unneeded items, to a point where it is almost comical to Josh, but there are always those things that I continue to hang on to.

It has been such a good feeling to get rid of even more things.  It feels even better when we can give our stuff to other people who can use it!  It's made me want to travel light and to have a loose hold on my stuff, which is only "stuff" anyway, so that I will always be willing to go where He sends us and do as He sees fit.  I find that the more stuff that I have, the harder it is to let go of it.

What do you have that you cannot let go of?  What questions do you ask yourself when looking to get rid of stuff?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harris Teeter - Triples - Starts 9/16/09

Well, I'm not home this time to take part in HT triples until the very end so I'm not sure if I'll venture out to find those deals or not.  But, if you are interested there are GREAT deals for FREE or SUPER CHEAP starting tomorrow!

Click HERE and then HERE to get a list of the best deals with coupon match-ups.

**Also, I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago.  Harris Teeter now has a "Meal Of The Week".  If you buy everything on their meal list you get it at a discounted price.  This week it is a hotdog and potato salad meal, including buns, drink and pickle spears, for $5.99!  Not always the most nutritious, but if you're looking for a quick and cheap meal one night during the weak you should look and see what they have to offer=)**

We're The Mean Guys!

Zeke loves to play good guy mean/bad guy.  The only catch is that he gets scared at the same time so we figured out that if he is the mean/bad guy WITH his daddy then he enjoys it much, have you ever seen such a cute mean guy before?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

If You Ask Him To Give The Baby A Bottle...

...this may be what you walk into=)

On Sunday morning I woke up late and Micaiah woke up ON TIME and I HAD to get a shower.  6am band practice was WAY TOO EARLY last weekend!  Anyway, I asked Josh to give Micaiah a bottle while he prepared for the morning.  Little did I know that Zeke would wet the bed and Josh would try to pack the car ALL at the same time, HA!  A dad's gotta learn to improvise right?!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - This One Has a Free mp3!

1- I finally got a couple good pictures of all 3 of the kids this week!

2- I made my first successful grocery trip with all three kids this week!  Areyna and Zeke did great in the car-cart, especially since a cookie was promised for happy hearts and first-time obedience during the trip.   I carried Micaiah in the baby bjorn and he slept the whole time.  I think we've got a good system:)

3- I started school with Rainy and Zeke this week.  We started with the letter "A" and we'll work our way through.  We'll be practicing writing the letters and finding things that start with the letter and try to do some letter themed meals.  We'll see how it goes...

Getting ready

Areyna wasn't too crazy about school...
until we started and then she didn't want it to be over.
Zeke on the other hand has some attention issues...
This picture speaks for itself:)

4- Micaiah's umbilical cord finally fell off on Wednesday afternoon so you better believe he got his first bath.  It didn't last long, but boy does he smell sweet!

5- My awesome husband wrote another song called "Broken" and he's gonna let you download it for free HERE!  If you just want to listen to it you can go HERE.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Dog With Drips

If you look closely you can see the "dog with dwips"

For some reason Zeke is fascinated by this picture and, no matter which part of the Bible we are in for our Family Bible "Commotions", as we so often call our family devotion time together, Zeke ALWAYS asks for us to find him the "dog with the dwips". 

*This picture is after Adam and Eve's fall and depicts how sin had entered the world*

Man, I Love This

Target Deals
Total before coupons:  $17.64
Total after coupons: $1.38
Total Savings:  $16.26

You can check out other target deals HERE!  Hope you find as many good deals as I did:)

Pictured above:
2 14oz. boxes of cheerios
1 8-count box of pop-tarts
4 sticks of string cheese (alright one is empty.  I needed a snack!)
4 General Mills cereal cups
3 contact solutions

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How Cool Is This!

While I was pregnant with Micaiah all of Josh's brother's wives were pregnant too.  It was the coolest thing.  These pictures were taken the week before Father's Day.

Keesha:Due in Mid-November
Danielle:Due in Mid-October
Me:Due beginning of August
Kelly:Due beginning of July

From Left To Right
Keesha and Jacob, Danielle and Jared
Me and Josh and Kelly and Jonathan

Let's just say that the Via Christmas picture is going to need a WIDE lense after all these new additions this year!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1 Month

Micaiah Joel - 1 Month
10lb. 3oz.

I cannot believe Micaiah turned 1 month old on Sunday!  He has gotten SO big.  I had to take him to the doctor last week for an eye infection and he weighed in at 1o pounds and 3 ounces!!! Micaiah was the smallest baby I delivered but he has outweighed Rainy and Zeke at the 1 month mark!  Needless to say the doctors didn't ask if he'd been getting enough to eat:)

Micaiah at 1 month:

1- LOVES to be held

2- LOVES to eat

3- LOVES to hear daddy practice

4- We are beginning to see glimpses of personality like smiles and baby "coos"

5- Has mild colic.  I wouldn't say it's that bad because he went 2 full days without a screaming episode but he still has those tendencies.  Nothing soothes this baby like a good cuddle.

6- Would still rather sleep his LONG stretches during the day than at night (most of the time)=(

7- Not too fond of the swing but he has spent a few wake times in it this week while I have packed some boxes.

8- Still has his umbilical cord attached.  I'm so ready to give my baby a bath!

9- Travels well.  That was the only request we asked of God (j/k);)

10- Because of this new sweet addition to the family my new middle name is "LATE".  I cannot seem to get anywhere on time!  I can no longer even appear to have it all together, HA!

Surprise Encounter

I am finishing up a book called Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow.  This weeks focus is on encounters with God.  She urges us to schedule times with the Lord.  This not only makes room for God in our busy day but it opens up the door to "Surprise Encounters" with our Heavenly Father.

Throughout the chapter she highlights times in her life where she has found herself in a surprise encounter with God.  They are such sweet testimonies of God's presence.

It got me thinking of times in my life where God was undoubtedly present at a particular time.  One being just a month ago.

Right after Micaiah was born the doctors brought him up and put him on my chest.  While I laid there cuddling my newborn son all I could do was praise God.  Praise Him for his blessing of children.  Praise Him for my sweet, growing family.  Praise Him for a healthy baby.  Praise Him for the end of labor pains.  Just praise Him.  He was all I could think about.

That night, and the following night, in the hospital I found myself laying in bed, awake, and not being able to stop smiling and feeling so full of thanksgiving.  I guess after the emotions that the delivery put me through I was left thinking about the sweet little babies that never make it into this world, ours included, whom the Lord created but that we'll never be able to meet this side of heaven.  Realizing the gift that I was holding in my arms, I was overwhelmed by God's goodness.

It was the second night in the hospital that I was brought to tears by a presence in the room.  A sweet presence.  I knew God was there and very close.  I could feel Him.  All I could do was lay there and bask in His presence.  What a sweet encounter that was.

Have you ever had a surprise encounter with God?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cell Phone Etiquette

I was talking with my brother-in-law a while back about cell phone etiquette.  He was being ragged on because he wouldn't return his missed calls.  The caller never left a message, he was just expecting Jonathan to see that he had missed the call and make the call back.

What do you think?  If someone calls you but doesn't leave a message are you obligated to make the call back?  

I don't think so.  The ball has not technically been passed on if the caller doesn't leave a message asking you to return the call.

Here's another one...

I have a few friends who will initiate a text conversation.  When I get a text I try to respond right away, so naturally I return their text but they will wait hours, and sometimes the next day, until they actually text back to finish the conversation that they initiated.

So, if you are the one that initiates the text conversation shouldn't you be responsible to see it through until completion?

I want to know what you think...

Tummy Time

Micaiah - 3 weeks old

Zeke just had to get in on the photo op with his brother=)

Nope, Areyna didn't want a picture with Cai, 
but you better believe Cinderella Barbie did!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Timeline

12:30pm - eating lunch with the kids

12:39pm - miss a call from the agency saying there is a potential showing

1:00pm - on my way out the door to go on a walk with the kids

1:02pm - find my phone so I can make a couple of phone calls while on the walk.  notice that I missed the call from the agency.  

1:03pm - call the agency back who says that there is a family who would like to see the house at 1:45pm

WHAT 1:45?!?!?!

1:04pm - run in the office to tell Josh we have a showing in less than 45 min.  Apologize to the kids about the walk but promise the park in just a few short minutes...

1:05 - 1:39pm - frantically straighten up the room, sweep the floors, store unnecessary items around the house, pick up the yard.  Areyna is a HUGE help with their rooms!

1:25pm - time to feed Micaiah.  Good thing he is still wait

1:26pm - Micaiah wakes up VERY HUNGRY.  Go heat up a bottle

1:29pm - recruit Areyna to start Cai on his bottle while we finish up the house

1:39pm - load up the car just in time.  head to a park for an hour or so

1:50pm - Good thing I just bought one of these last week!  Old lady keeps staring at me wondering why I'm wearing a blanket when it is 80 degrees outside=)

Just another day with the Via's:)

Fun Facts For Friday - Parenting

My sweet Micaiah has been such a blessing to our growing family.  I have learned so much during this first month of being a mommy to 3 beautiful children.  

1- Every child is different

2- What works for 1 baby won't necessarily work with another one

3- Nursing time is a mandatory time to just STOP

4- Even though you try to soak up every ounce of this special time, it still continues to fly by

5- Just because I have other kids doesn't mean that I can't still learn from other moms

6- I am LOVING being at home and just being a mom

Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Won't Always Be Like This

It won't Always Be Like This - Let Me Explain:

Just for the record, I am a schedule momma.  It is a fact that children need a schedule and actually tend to put themselves on their own schedule.  Also, knowing my child's next move is a MUST as a mom on the road with a ministry to run.  So, this may come as a shock to some of you who know me.

Micaiah has a "personal fussy time", except his is not like the normal, around dinner time fussiness.  It could last for hours or he could go a whole day without a screaming spell.  But with Micaiah, it's not just fussy, he down-right SCREAMS.  Josh and I have totally racked our brains trying to think of anything and everything that will calm our screaming baby.  We swaddle, un-swaddle, we give a paci, we burp, we've already given a full feeding, more wake time, less wake time, he hates the swing, the bouncy seat...

We've tried to just let him cry-it-out knowing from past experience that sometimes it just takes a good cry for some babies to get into a comfortable sleep, but Micaiah is a slow learner in this department=) and he would go all night long if we would let him I'm afraid.

There IS one thing that he LOVES.  He loves to be held.  He is a cuddler and by that I mean after a good 10 min. of crying if we go in there and pick him up he is asleep in our arms within 1 min., no exaggeration.

So, after all the normal doubts that a mother has when her child is crying I have come to a won't always be like this.

Not only will my little boy grow out of this fussy stage but he will grow up and no longer WANT to be held all the time.  That realization opened my eyes to the fact that I can either get frustrated during this stage and question my ability to be the mother God created me to be...


although still seeing the importance of teaching our children healthy sleeping habits and continuing to slowly teach these to Micaiah, I can also see the importance of  picking up my sweet little boy and holding him in my arms, because, like I said, 

it won't always be like this...

***After I wrote this post I had to take Micaiah to the Dr. because he had an eye infection.  I described these screaming episodes to our pediatrician and she said that he is textbook colic.  It explained so much.  I have done a lot of research now about colic and, although it doesn't make the screaming episodes any easier, it helps to know that he will outgrow it and that we are doing exactly what he needs during this time=)***

The Secret To Losing That Baby Weight

I have the answer to all your questions about the best way to shed those extra pounds after baby.
That's right, every night after I get all the kids in bed and before the last predictable feeding for my infant I down my favorite coffee mug full of my favorite ice cream.  The results speak for themselves ladies and gentlemen=)

Seriously though, what do YOU do to lose those last few baby pounds?

*As if I really need to explain the obscene amount of ice cream in my freezer...we've had my parents and my in-laws here for Cai's birth and they ALL know how much I love ice cream;)  Besides, who can resist all those free or super cheap ice cream deals that the grocery stores have going on lately!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Back

Micaiah's first Sunday in his class

After almost a month of not picking up my violin I dove in full-force this past weekend at our new home church.  It was so cool being there knowing that this is our new church family.  

Josh has been more than patient with me (man, I love my boss) as I get back into the swing of things after Micaiah's arrival.  He told me to take another week off and just get used to traveling with 3.  I really did appreciate his sensitivity, knowing that this would be a new challenge, but I finally felt ready to play again so I just took the plunge and decided to play too.  
We stayed at Josh's brother's house.  They have 3 kids as well.  We had 6 children, 4 and under, 2 of which are only infants, under one roof.  It made for some pretty comical events but it really was so much fun!  We were going to try to get a picture of all 6 of them but for some reason we just didn't get around to it;)

Rehearsal Sunday morning went well.  Areyna was a huge help keeping Micaiah happy and Zeke played along with his electric guitar making for a pretty uneventful rehearsal, which is a good thing.  

Micaiah made it through his first Sunday morning in his nursery.  We've been to church already but I hadn't been playing so he stayed with me in the service.  The workers loved him and he did great!  

Zeke not so much...I dropped him off in his class.  5 minutes later I look out and he's in Areyna and Cana's (their cousin) class.  2 hours later he is in his other cousin's class (Kayil).  So, it appears we have a lot to work on.  Poor guy=(

Areyna LOVED her class and had a blast having her cousin with her!

So, all-in-all, a very successful trip.  We found out that Micaiah travels very well, as long as he gets to eat=)

Josh had a couple of meetings on Monday morning so we went to Burger King and packed all 6 kids in their play place.  I'm sure that was a site...
Areyna, Cana, Zeke,

Karis and Micaiah (she is exactly 1 month older)

The whole clan eating a nice healthy lunch=)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its Official: We're Moving!

That's right.  We are moving back to the Raleigh, NC area.  All we're waiting on is the selling of our house.  Anyone want a cute house in a quiet neighborhood around the outskirts of Charlotte **hint, hint**?  E-mail me if you do and I'll give you the link;)

Don't worry we're still going to be doing what we do, just packing up our car from a different driveway to head out to lead worship.

Why the move? 
1- We'll be closer to all of our family.  All of Josh's brothers live in the Raleigh area and my siblings are up in the DC area so we'll have that family support that we've not had here in Charlotte.  It will be nice to have Rainy and Zeke grow up closer to their cousins that they love so much.

2-You know that feeling of driving into a town and just "feeling" like that is home?  Well, that is how the Raleigh area feels for us.  We lived there for 4 years before moving here to Charlotte and we've always missed it.

3- We have found a great church in the area which will help bring some stability to this crazy life we lead.  We'll be part of their worship team so we'll rotate through just like we have been doing from our home church here.  Not only is it a GREAT church, but Josh's brother is on staff there, so Rainy and Zeke will be able to go to church with their cousins.  And since 
Zeke + Church class - Areyna = DISASTER, 
we decided that some familiarity would be good for Zeke.  

4- We have been praying about my involvement in traveling now, with 3 children.  The church stability will be so important because I won't be traveling ALL the time.  We are going to be much more careful about the kids and what they need, as far as time at home etc., so being close to family in and out of church will be a huge blessing.

5- Our family can help with the kids when we need to travel without them.

6- I like new houses and rearranging, don't you?

7- We figured it wasn't exciting enough to just have a baby, we needed to add putting our house on the market the week after the birth and throw in a few house showings with a 4-year-old, a 3-year-old and an infant.  I mean, Areyna was 6 months old when we moved from Wake Forest to Henderson and Zeke was 6 weeks old when we moved from Henderson to Charlotte.  We figured we had all that down, let's add selling a house with an infant.  That sounds like fun;)

You can expect to see some crazy posts coming out of this one!