Friday, February 9, 2018

Jude Turns SIX

Man this kid is goofy!  

He is loud. He is self-confident. He is extra...VERY extra.
He is so extreme. 
When he's low he's VERY low.
When he's high he's wide open.

He loves to laugh.
He loves to play tag, unless he gets tagged and then he has to be "it", 
and he does NOT like to be "it".
So maybe tag shouldn't be the game of choice when you want to keep a happy Jude heart, ha!

He doesn't accept stickers from the grocery store clerks.
I know, he's so weird.
He does, however, accept candy from whoever will give it to him.

He love to wrestle with Jemma, and his brothers, and his dad, 
and he would wrestle his sisters if they'd let him!

He learned how to ride a bike all by himself.  He pulled his own first tooth.
He walked himself into Kindergarten all alone with pride.
He basically doesn't need us anymore...

except for the fact that he still LOVES to cuddle
and reading books is his FAVORITE thing for us to do together.
Playing games is becoming a close second, though.

He's a super smart kid in school.
He catches on to concepts very quickly.
The way he stretches out words right now is my absolute favorite.
He wrote out Donald Trump as "Donold Chump" the other night.
(Hold it in people, I know the jokes could be endless here;)

He is the spitting image of his older brother Zeke, in temperament and interests.
Music flows through his veins and it isn't uncommon to have both of those boys
simultaneously singing their own songs, in the same room, causing quite the cacophony of noise.

Jude, oh Jude, you add to my gray hairs daily, but if I'm honest, I really kinda like my gray hairs.  You teach me to live big and loud and to give generously. You also teach me patience, endurance and humility in parenting (hehe).  Happy Birthday sweet boy!  You are FINALLY 6!!!
Love, Mom