Saturday, January 29, 2022

Dominican Republic October 2021


Josh and Zeke had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic with Rick in October.
It was an amazing trip. I think it was so good for Zeke to get a little perspective on life. He created a documenting video of the trip and Rick and Janet liked it so much they asked if he would jump on some other trips to document their time some more for the ministry. His next trip is in March!

Looking Back - October 2021


We gave our house a facelift and painted it white...FINALLY
We finished up our soccer seasons
And of course got in some quality friend time
One Sunday morning we realized that our little frizzle feather chickens got out of the fenced in area.
Cow, our rooster disappeared and after 3 days Jude spotted him walking around the yard across the street. It took him a good week or two to normalize. 
We actually thought he might not make it, but he is alive and thriving now!
Andy Cherry came in and did a house show at the Clodfelter's home.

Looking Back - Via Vacation 2021


Another Via Vacation in the books. Every family was present this year!
Harper came to pick up Rainy for a concert so she got to experience the crazy for a night.
On the way home the van broke down. 
Because of Covid and employment shortages we couldn't get a rental, or even an Uber to a hotel
We found a hotel with a room but because there were so many of us they made us get two, ha!
Poppie came to the rescue the next morning to get us home.

Looking Back - September 2021


We had a lot of Evie and Liam time in September.
We played outside a ton and even went to a block party at Southeastern and saw KB in concert
Rainy and Laity even got some riding time at the horse farm

Looking Back - August 2021

August consisted of another filming day with friends
Cai turned 12
The very inspiring summer olympics had the kids out practicing their skills
The Mayhugh's had an unexpected batch of Frizzle Feather chickens that they gifted to us
Sweet furry friend snuggles
A visit with the Homestead Via's