Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Beginning To Believe The Lie

Yesterday the kids and I walked into our Chiropractor's office, just like we have on every Tuesday for the past 5-6 years.

As we checked ourselves in and the kids began creating Yoga routines in the middle of the waiting area floor, arguing over crayons and rolling around on the furniture got situated in the waiting area a lady was saying her goodbye's to Dr. Joe and began noticing the string of children filing in behind me.

Now you can just imagine the comments I typically get:

    Wow, you've got your hands full!
    Oh goodness, I'm SO sorry!
    Just wait until they're teenagers!
    Are all those YOURS?!
    Oh, poor mama...

It's so much more than the words though.  It's the voice used when saying these things to me.  Each spoken in a very exasperated or negative tone.

Then there are the looks of pity and even DISGUST that I receive while out about with my spicy little colony.

But, back to the lady checking out in Dr. Joe's office.  She looked almost overjoyed as she began eyeing all the littles filing in behind me.  She excitedly asked if they were all mine and then quickly smiled, clapped and said, "Oh WONDERFUL! That is just so fun!"  She wanted to know all of their ages and what book Alethia was reading.  She smiled the ENTIRE time she spoke to the kids (not to me ABOUT the kids). She was so kind and sweet and positive.

I was so blown away by her response, because BELIEVE ME,  I know we've got a spicy bunch!  But that kind lady and her response to our family was just what I needed to jump back in the game.  Josh has been gone since last Thursday night and the first few days when daddy is away the kids always test the waters.  And after hearing (or seeing) a handful of those first responses I typically get, I can begin believing those lies that infer that my kids are a burden, that I'm in over my head and that God didn't know what he was doing when he entrusted 5 of HIS children to us for this time.

So, thank you, sweet, kind lady for making over my kids like they are a treasure...because they are!

Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to ENJOY these 5 littles for as long as you'll give them to me.  Help me to see their worth and exemplify the Fruit Of The Spirit over them.  Thank you for the encouragement through this stranger yesterday.  Such a timely gift.