Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harris Teeter - Triples - Starts 9/16/09

Well, I'm not home this time to take part in HT triples until the very end so I'm not sure if I'll venture out to find those deals or not.  But, if you are interested there are GREAT deals for FREE or SUPER CHEAP starting tomorrow!

Click HERE and then HERE to get a list of the best deals with coupon match-ups.

**Also, I just noticed this a couple of weeks ago.  Harris Teeter now has a "Meal Of The Week".  If you buy everything on their meal list you get it at a discounted price.  This week it is a hotdog and potato salad meal, including buns, drink and pickle spears, for $5.99!  Not always the most nutritious, but if you're looking for a quick and cheap meal one night during the weak you should look and see what they have to offer=)**
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