Saturday, February 5, 2022

Another Birthday


Josh booked another birthday weekend at our friend's beach house. It was cold, windy, rainy and perfect. 
The kids went to my parents and they Facetimed me on my birthday.
We slept a lot. 
Read a lot.
Watched a lot of documentaries.
Visited the Aquarium and even Ft. Macon.

When I got home Rainy made me one of her birthday creations.  
It was the best cake of hers that I have ever tried.

January 2022


I am officially all caught up on the 'ol blog!

January was another full month.  We were given punch cards to Defy that we have been taking full advantage of this cold January at Defy.

Jude gave Cai a foosball table and literally NOBODY can beat him.  Except for the ONE time that I did! I basked in that glory all night long.

We had lots of ministry.  Josh lead worship for the first United Co event. It's a gathering of college age and young adults in the area.  It has HUGE potential and I know they are really excited about it.  

Josh also preached one weekend this month and did great, as always. 

Lois, our next door neighbor, called us one early Saturday morning. There had been a car parked in her driveway with a strange man in it.  Josh walked over and couldn't wake the guy up so he went inside with Lois and called the police.  When they got there they looked the guy up and there was a warrant for his arrest. The whole scene unfolded right outside our window. It was quite the eventful morning.

Cai had saved his birthday celebration from August because he wanted to take some friends to see the new Spiderman movie that was coming out in December.  Well, all his friends saw and WE even ended up seeing it so he opted for a gaming day with them.

January Snow


I love everything about a snow day. 

I love the anticipation leading up to it. Checking and refreshing the weather multiple times a day. For days sometimes even before the storm comes. I love getting the house picked up and ready so we can relax and enjoy whatever is in store. I love getting out in the yard to put all the bikes and toys away. 

I love the moment the first raindrop becomes a flurry. And then watching the flurries turn to big white flakes. I love the nights spent with the lights off and all the curtains open as the white snow reflects the moon’s glow as we sit and sip and listen to records. I love going to sleep as the snow continues to collect on the ground, wondering what gift of depth we’ll wake up to.

I love waking up to the sound of my kids bundling up to go take their first voyage into the snow for the day. I love the low hum of the dryer as it dries wet, snowy clothes all day as the kids go in and out of the cold.

I love the piles of boots and coats and gloves and socks and towels...the fresh smells from baking in the kitchen...the tingling in my toes as they begin to thaw.

And even as it begins to melt away and the white blanketed yard turns to a mixed pile of water and dirt...the practice of contentment and anticipation for what is coming next. The beauty of rhythm and routine and mundane that can be just as beautiful if we choose for it to be so.

Happy snow days, friends.

Looking Back - December 2021


Heidi gifted the squad with tickets to see Ellie Holcolm for Christmas.
It was a sweet night out.

Christmas services at church were moved to Christmas Eve evening.
It was a packed house both services and the creative elements were so awesome.

Pai celebrated her 40th birthday!

The day after Christmas we headed to VA to have the Via Christmas
Now THAT was a packed house!

On the way home we brought back Poppie's truck to test drive it for a few weeks to see if Rainy wanted to buy it as her own.  She followed us all the way home and did great, but as soon as we turned into the neighborhood to pick up Berkley we heard the sound of metal on gravel.  The tailpipe had fallen off and we realized the entire underside of the car was rusting through.  It took a while to get an appointment to get it fixed, but as soon as it was ready Rainy was ready to go!

And of course we ended the year with our traditional string party.