Tuesday, June 19, 2018

More Than Just Doing Good Things

Anybody can do good things.
Followers add good news and eternal hope to those good things.

Our family has a soft spot for the homeless in our area.  I'm positive we don't always do the right thing when we try to help, but we do the best we can, with what we have, to whoever the Holy Spirit leads our way.  We also work closely with the people in our church who live and breathe life with these people.

That being said, a few years ago we started putting together little bags for the homeless. We had heard of other people doing this and thought it was a great idea.  I got a bunch of paper bags and put a little snack bag together.  We have all loved being on the lookout for individuals who might need one of these simple bags.

But over time I was convicted that we were missing an opportunity.  Our mission on earth is to share the Hope and Truth of Jesus Christ.  This act of kindness was just that, a kind act, giving a small tangible gift to help, but it was lacking the most important thing! The thing that brings eternal life.

So I began taking each of the kids aside individually and we worked on writing up their personal stories.  I added a family photo with our names at the bottom so the person reading it could put a face to the name.  

I love having something available to hand someone out of the window at a stoplight, while I'm pumping gas or walking into a store.  It shows that they were thought of.  That they are not forgotten. That they are valued. We have been able to hear many stories and even pray over many people.  The kids are highly involved and even take turns praying with the people we meet.

These bags are nothing special, but every one of them now contains the story of life change and directions for someone else to make that same decision. Everything inside is intentional.

Water for physical thirst.
Almonds and granola bars for physical hunger and strength.
A way to physically feel clean and better about self.
Bags to help them carry their things (I found ours on Amazon...of course;).
But most importantly, a personal story and the seed of light to crack open the spiritual darkness.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Photos ~ Bringing In Summer

We have brought summer in with a FULL week of friends and adventures!

Quiet evenings cuddled up with daddy in his chair

shopping with the Colony

Rainy's little tadpoles are growing into tiny little froggies
sweet little CLEAN feet
We have a soft spot for our handicapped chicken, Gimley

Chloe straightening Rainy's hair was entertaining us all, lol
This little guy was still supposed to be in his mama's tummy, but is actually 2 months old now!
He is our newest MC addition.
Cai LOVES cuddling babies:-)
Playing games at Nonnie and G-Daddy's

Noel even came for a visit!