Sunday, December 31, 2023


 December was full of all things Christmas. From Jingle Jam at church at church to ginger bread decorating to Christmas parades and Christmas lights. It was full and it was fun. We even had a visit from the Hambrick boys and then they took Jude and Zeke back with them for a couple days. They were EXHAUSTED after their adventures.

I can't forget to mention Zeke ran an all-nighter with his buddy Garrison. He clocked nearly 43 miles total!

We had a quiet Christmas morning here at our own home and then my parents joined us in the afternoon for dinner and togetherness. The next morning we packed up and headed to join the Via family in VA for our next Christmas.

Thursday, November 30, 2023


 November was spent getting into the Christmas Spirit. Lots of baking and decorating. And we had another birthday! Alethia turned 15! We ended the month up in Maryland with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving. While we were there Deedee took us downtown Fredrick to look at the boats that were all lit up for the holidays. I felt like I was walking around in a Hallmark movie!

I also got the chance to do a concert with our new friends the McCray Brothers as they did a song release worship night. I have no pictures but I'll never forget that powerful night.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Via Friendsgiving 2023

 The kids came and asked if they could host a friendsgiving at our home. We were happy to give the green light. A full house makes super full hearts for these Colony Parents. Rainy and Alehandro even put together a pumpkin carving competition with a surprise for the winner...which ended up being one of our roosters which of course we wouldn't let them take home because we would never do that to their poor parents, but it sure was funny! We did find some old CD's of ours to give away to the winners instead though, and they asked for autographs on the covers, lol.

We even asked everyone to put their phones in a basket so they could be present for the evening (with the exception of taking pictures) and there was no protesting!

Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 October, the middle of my FAVORITE season. 

The past four-five years have not allowed reflection or presence. It has been several years of what has felt more like survival, sifting and just keeping my head above the crashing waves than actually living in the moment and basking in the beauty that I love so much about this season. But this year I got to have it and it has been such a sweet season.

It started off with a beautiful wedding. We did no music. No officiating. No premarital counseling. We just got to show up and be supportive friends and it was awesome!

Alethia got to start science with my dad. A highlight for our family for sure.

Josh arranged for me to get away for a couple days at a friend's little beach place. Just me and my thoughts and it was glorious!

Zeke FINALLY got his license. The DMV issues since Covid have been down right maddening, but we are making our way through it. Alethia took her Driver's Ed so we are in the queue for the next step for her now.

Cai finished his soccer season

Rainy had more circus-ing...

And the rest of the month was for being creative and being together. (Josh did squeeze in a trip to Argentina somewhere in the month too!)