Meet The Colony

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We are The Via Family
AKA "The Colony"

The Husband
This is my sexy husband.  
We've been married 13 years and I love him more and more each year.
He is one of the most gifted worship leaders, musicians and songwriters I've ever known.
He is the worship pastor at Journey Church 
He likes:
sneaking smooches in the hallway, wrestling with the boys, 
watching his girls dance around in the dandilions, drinking coffee 
and dumpster diving for treasures
She's a mom of 5.  She takes pride in finally figuring out a good routine for the Colony, but then the kids wake up and reality really begins and the carefully planned routine goes out the window!
She is madly in love with the worship pastor at her church and proudly calls him her baby's daddy.
She is learning to become still in this life so addicted to instant gratification.
She is still becoming who God is calling her to be...
She Likes:
cleaning and organizing the house, rearranging furniture to confuse her family, 
sneaking cuddles from her boys, trying to fix the girls hair without a fight, 
eating butterfingers, and blogging about the family, creating fun jewelry on ETSYmaking something out of nothing from Pinterest. She's also very passionate about clean living and keeping my family healthy with EO's

Our Peace and Joy 
Her Likes:
anything mermaid and fairy, putting on make-up, painting her fingernails (and her baby brother's), gymnastics, catching every kind of critter under the sun, bossing her brothers around, being creative with odds and ends she finds for science experiments, and baking.
Her favorite past time is playing with her chickens and making potions with food coloring and dirt.

God's Strength  
His Likes:
jumping, running, shooting webs, wrestling, playing guitar, 
making up songs, asking me the same questions over and over, and creating superhero videos.
His favorite thing to do is make movies and dress up in costumes.
You can guarantee him to be in FULL character every time you see him.

Truth and Grace
Her Likes:
She LOVES the camera, asking questions, smiling, snuggles and bossing people around:)
She is our little girl who was born in Uganda but CREATED for our Colony!
Her favorite thing to do is play with her little brother, run away from animals
(not really, she's pretty much petrified of everything UNhuman)
and go to school.
Go check out the story of  our adoption and how she came to be part of our family!

Who Is Like Jehovah
His Likes:
cars, eating (anything), rough housing, wrestling, making messes,
making people laugh, seeing how many times he can say "poop, pee and boogers"
and daily sneaking toys in his lunchbox to swap with his friend Jordan at school.
He insists on wearing the same outfit everyday and asking for cuddles on the hour, every hour.

Thanks and Praise
His Likes:
stealing food, sneaking people's prized possessions, and running around naked.
He also enjoys wrestling with daddy, asking his sisters to dress him up like a princess
and doing exactly what I've told him NOT to do.

~First 3 photos courtesy of Kelly Via Photography~

Drawing by Krysteah Carroll