Meet The Colony

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We are The Via Family
AKA "The Colony"

Our Family Mission Statement:
The Via Colony exists to be a family of disciple makers,
who live for the smile of Jesus, proclaim his good news, honor each other,
serve God's world, and live open-handed with everything we have.

The Husband
This is my sexy husband.  
We've been married since 2002 and I love him more and more each year.
He is one of the most gifted worship leaders, musicians and songwriters I've ever known.
He is the worship pastor at Journey Church 
He likes:
sneaking smooches in the hallway, wrestling with the boys, 
watching his girls dance around in the dandilions, drinking coffee 
and perfecting his beard;)
I'm a permanent mom of 5 and a temporary mom to our fosters. I am a work in progress.  I'll never profess to have all the answers but I certainly love to share what works for our family.  Hopefully you can take something away that will help you!
I am madly in love with the worship pastor at my church and proudly call him my baby's daddy.
I am learning to become still in this life so addicted to instant gratification,
and am still becoming who God is calling me to be...
I Like:
cleaning and organizing the house, rearranging furniture to confuse the family, 
listening outside my kid's bedroom doors as they wind down for the evening, documenting life through the lens of my camera (although I am quite the amateur), keeping our garden alive, creating fun jewelry on ETSYmaking something out of nothing from Pinterest, and blogging about it all! I'm also pretty passionate about clean living and keeping my family healthy with EO's and other
resources the Lord has given us. 

Our Ministry:
Preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through song

Peace and Joy
Her Likes:
as a teenager, her friends are slowly taking the front burner in her life, but anything mermaid and fairy still play a big part, catching every kind of critter under the sun, bossing her siblings around, being creative with odds and ends she finds, and baking.
Her favorite past time is playing with her chickens and figuring out routines on her ariel silk.

God's Strength
His Likes:
jumping, running, wrestling, playing basketball, working on his fort,
making up movie scripts, asking me the same questions over and over, and creating movies.
His favorite thing to do is make movies and create alternate realities
as entertainment for his brothers.
You can guarantee him to be in FULL character every time you see him.

Truth and Grace
Her Likes:
She smiling, snuggles and bossing people around:)
She is our little girl who was born in Uganda but CREATED for our Colony!
Her favorite thing to do is play with her siblings, Barbies Legos and read (and REread)
any book she can get her hands on!
Go check out the story of  our adoption and how she came to be part of our family!

Who Is Like Jehovah
His Likes:
playing soccer is his #1 go-to these days, but eating (anything) is a close second, rough housing, wrestling, making messes, making people laugh,
and conversing with others (a true gift in my opinion).
He insists on wearing the same outfit everyday and cheek nibbles from mom are still allowed.

Thanks and Praise
His Likes:
stealing food, sneaking people's prized possessions, and running around with no shirt or shoes EVER.
He also enjoys wrestling with daddy, trying to hold his own as the baby of the family, creating hysterical parodies of worship songs
and doing exactly what I've told him NOT to do.

Jemma Sky
Our 2-year-old lab, beagle, basset hound mix.  She was named after Zeke's therapist
and has been the perfect dog for our family!
She is sweet but LOVES to wrestle.
She doesn't meet a stranger but is scared to death of remote control cars.
Her favorite things to do are love on Daisy, our hamster, chase our 11 chickens around
and just BE with us.  She is definitely a people dog and we love her!
Sadly we said goodbye to our sweet Jemma on October 16, 2019.

Drawing by Krysteah Carroll