Friday, November 1, 2019

September and October Photo Dump 2019

Early fall was slam packed!
We had some really good times with our MC.

This is our men rallying around each other to pray.
Such a sweet moment.

We had some BEAUTIFUL weather and tried to soak up every moment of it.

We spent some time in the studio to finish tracking for our upcoming album.

Little loves were in and out, which we love.

We continued to get a colorful array of bounty from the Colony Garden.

We had to say goodbye to our sweet dog, Jemma.
These pictures were the last full day we got to spend with her before she passed on
October 13th.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Via Vacation 2019

Ok, so when I am so far behind I don't take the time to edit photos like I should.
So these are straight from my phone or camera just to get caught up.

But I am officially caught up!

And I can't NOT post about Via Vacation which is a HUGE highlight of our year.

Some years we are just pumped and excited to have vacation.
Other years, like this year, we are in desperate need of a week to unplug and rest
as we soak up time with the family.

I began nearly every morning with a several-mile walk around the neighborhood with the ladies
talking about life, ministry, marriage, parenting, name it.

This particular thing is something I LOVE about vacation!

The rest of the days were spent reading, swimming, playing, sleeping in...
all the things that make vacation a true vacation.

Thank you Jenn for capturing a great family photo where we all have brushed hair
 shoes and matching clothes!

I ONLY post this picture because this bathing suit top was too much, ha!
Those tassels, which Josh lovingly referred to as "dongles"
were so funny that we had to capture them before we preformed a
"donglectomy" to remove them.

Meme helping Cai learn to swim

Alethia is working on owning her "story".
She interviewed Aunt Joy, which is as far back as we know of her story,
to get her going.  It was sweet to hear Joy talk about finding her in her village as an infant
and then talking about the process she was in charge of that summer in Uganda. 
She pulled up her photos and talked through the memories.
It was priceless!

Ancestry Adventures - St. Peter's

Josh has really been digging into our ancestry since his grandmother passed away last winter.  It has brought us to many graveyards and old buildings.  In fact, every time Josh says we are going on an adventure the kids have to ask if we are stopping by any cemeteries on the way because that happens about 9 out of 10 times these days, ha!

From what I could gather, this church used to house some soldiers in the Civil War.
Some of the soldiers carved their initials into the walls of the church.

This particular stop was really neat.  This church building is the supposed site of George Washington's wedding, and also Josh's great-great-something's wedding.  His ancestors were apparently friends with the Washington's.  Although we didn't find any headstones with our ancestors names on them this time, it was a trip well worth the time.

Fall Soccer 2019 Champions

Man, what an exciting season we had!
When practices began Coach Craig and I were not feeling so optimistic.

But each game got better and better.
We were stoked to make it into the championship 
and when we kept progressing we couldn't even believe it!

Our team killed it.
And man, my boys were stellar components to their team.

I know they were so excited to win,
but this 40-year-old soccer mom coach was pretty exited to win too!

Sylvan Heights Bird Park

When we got our year family pass to the zoo
it came with so many other attractions.
So this bird park was just another gem Josh found,
and although a few of the kids were a little reluctant at first,
we ALL ended up having a blast! 

There were so many exotic birds.
We even got to see a two-week old flamingo.
Alethia was in HEAVEN!

There was a particular section you could walk in and birds
were literally flying around you EVERYWHERE!
This was our FAVORITE part.
You could even feed the flamingos in this area.

We passed cotton field after cotton field to and from the park.
They were BEAUTIFUL.
So beautiful that I had to stop at one of the farms and ask if I could pick some, lol.