Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Rainy's Graduation Party

 I was terrible at getting good photos, but I was told that we had over 90 people, a gazillion cars in the driveway and we ate every bit of food I put out. It was so fun celebrating Rainy with some of our closest people who have been a part of Rainy's life. Took finish it off Joy had the brilliant idea of getting matching tattoos so she did a little research and found us a place nearby that took walk-ins and we even talked Meme into going and getting it with us. We got simple arrows representing generations, hoping that we can make a tradition out of it to pass down to our other kids and then their kids!

May Came In Hot

 May was anything but relaxing, but it sure was fun!  Josh returned from Argentina and then left for Uganda by the end of the month. We finished up the school year, finished up Cai's soccer season (they got 2nd place in the final championship!), Rainy had her first aerial performance and Josh, Zeke and our buddy Chris drove knocked out a Spartan Beast, almost all in one week(end). It was insane! We ended up the month having a massive Graduation Party for Rainy and then I also got to celebrate my friend Sarah's birthday.

We also had a 36 hour chicken massacre. We lost 9 in under 2 days. We think the first one was a hawk but the other was a fox. Needless to say we had to start the process of making calls to Tractor Supply to start over again with some chicks.

And having the fence installed FINALLY allowed for some privacy again and we have been able to enjoy our back porch again!

Rainy's Senior Prom

Rainy and Alehandro, and Bear of course, loaded up in her truck and headed for a weekend in Virginia to make their rounds seeing family and making memories with the ultimate goal of going to prom with Ella Hambrick.  

Spartan Sprint

 Josh talked Rainy and I into our first Spartan race and we are HOOKED!  We met Josh's dad and his sister and some people from their gym and did it all together. It was SO.MUCH.FUN. In fact we are ready to bump it up a notch and do the Super next time.

Looking Back April 2023

Easter, friends, seedlings in the garden and a trip to Mendoza Argentina pretty much sum up our month of April.