Thursday, August 1, 2019

Track-Out Adventure To Laurel Hills Park - Another MayVia Experience

Traveling back in time to our spring track out.

We had a rocky start on this particular day.

After piling out of the party van and devouring our picnic lunch we quickly realized that the park we came to had just closed the day before for a renovation.  We were all pretty disappointed! We tried to make the best of it by walking along the trails but we kept coming to dead ends, except for this really cool tunnel. The kids were looking for "clues" through the graffiti and stuff they found inside.

It was hot. We had a plethora of disappointed kids. And we needed a plan fast.

Us mama's put our heads together. were on a quest for some kind of water hole.

Luckily we live near Falls Lake with a million different opportunities for adventure. And that's exactly what we did.  We found a deserted camp ground and took off for a cove to let the kids play around in the water.