Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 October, the middle of my FAVORITE season. 

The past four-five years have not allowed reflection or presence. It has been several years of what has felt more like survival, sifting and just keeping my head above the crashing waves than actually living in the moment and basking in the beauty that I love so much about this season. But this year I got to have it and it has been such a sweet season.

It started off with a beautiful wedding. We did no music. No officiating. No premarital counseling. We just got to show up and be supportive friends and it was awesome!

Alethia got to start science with my dad. A highlight for our family for sure.

Josh arranged for me to get away for a couple days at a friend's little beach place. Just me and my thoughts and it was glorious!

Zeke FINALLY got his license. The DMV issues since Covid have been down right maddening, but we are making our way through it. Alethia took her Driver's Ed so we are in the queue for the next step for her now.

Cai finished his soccer season

Rainy had more circus-ing...

And the rest of the month was for being creative and being together. (Josh did squeeze in a trip to Argentina somewhere in the month too!)

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Refuge Retreat Fall 2023

 We have been partnering with Refuge for quite some time now and it is by far one of the sweetest times of worship we get to be a part of. I love their vision and their hearts to empower and encourage college aged kids. And I love that Rainy got to be part of the experience as an actual camper this year. This year we slept in an open-air cabin. As in, the windows didn't close but instead were just covered by screens. In the mountains. In freezing, fall, mountain weather. Those nights I think I was quite-possibly the coldest I have ever been. I layered pretty much every article of clothing I packed all at once and bundled up under my blanket just to TRY to keep warm and sleep. BUT it made for sweet memories, ha! I only got a couple of pictures but the guy who did the video and photography for the weekend took beautiful pictures!