Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year - A New You

Some people don't like the whole "new year's resolution" thing but I do. I like to feel like I have a fresh start. I like to re-evaluate our direction and make new goals for myself and it just seems easier to do in year-long increments.

Here's 2009 At A Glance:
*I turned the big 30 this year
*We added a sweet baby to our growing family
*I realized that my gifting is NOT songwriting that's for sure! I never did complete that resolution from last year, no matter how hard I tried=) Sorry baby...
*We finished All That Glitters
*We sold our house in Charlotte making us DEBT FREE!!!
*We moved in with some friends while we looked for a place to live
*We did a LIVE Recording with our new church family here in Raleigh
*We moved into our new home

Josh and I don't take our New Year's resolutions lightly as we individually pray about our own aspirations as well as our family and ministry direction for the next year. Before the beginning of another year we like to put our goals together and it's always neat to see how closely they line up together!

Here are a few things that I am going to commit to do or work on in 2010:
(some of these are continuations from previous years because they are a lifestyle I'd like to continue)

1 - Getting up early - I look forward to getting up early and sipping on my hot cup of coffee while having a quiet time while it is still quiet in the house

2 - Going to bed ON TIME - these two just have to go hand-in-hand for me=)

3 - I want to grow in my prayer life.

4 - Date Nights - 2 times a month. I think we've worked out a deal to trade off kids for dates every other week. Have I ever mentioned it's awesome living near family!

5 - More Time With The Kids - I feel like I have some things to work on as a mom and I am looking forward to making time for my kids and getting to know them better individually this year.

6 - Limiting Computer Time - I am setting limits for myself on the computer (don't worry, I'll still be blogging every day;) like not turning it on until I have had time with the Lord and only checking e-mails and blogging while the kids are busy or sleeping.

7 - Start Homeschooling - Yup, I'm gonna do it. I've done a few activities off and on but nothing consistent. Areyna is almost five and I have to start somewhere. I think I've found a curriculum and we're gonna get serious this year. Part of this will be intentional in using our traveling as learning experiences. Our kids have such a GREAT advantage on the road seeing new things and going to new places.

8 - Exercise - I already started and am excited to see some results!

9 - Bless My Husband - this year Josh and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage! I don't ever want to stop getting to know him. Maybe this should be combined with #11=)

10 - I may not be a songwriter but I do have other giftings. I'm not going to give everything away but I have a project in 2010 that I'm really excited about! Hopefully you'll be able to see the fruits of my labor out before the end of next year (this will be a first so I'm not sure how long it will take)

11 - Try Something New - I am so systematic so I want to be get out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to try a new food, a new way to the grocery store, new activities, meeting new people a few different kinds of other new things;)

11 - Give More - in 2009 Josh and I started something new. The less we made in a month the more we'd give! I know it seems backwards but it has been so awesome to live out our faith and see the way God provides. Plus it's so awesome to be able to give back too. We'll be taking it up a notch this year.

12 - No matter what this year holds I want to run this race strong. We are blessed no matter how much money we have, no matter where we live and no matter what gets thrown in our path. God is Good ALL the time!

So, here's to another year of growing and learning,

Happy 2010!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like 2010 is going to be an incredible year for the Vias! So glad God brought you all to Raleigh. The best is yet to come!