Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun Facts For Friday - Saturday Night Edition - Things I Won't Miss

1 - Ant season.  Is there even really such a thing?  In this house there is!  I'm not going to elaborate much more on this one just in case our buyers are perusing the internet and come upon my blog;)

2 - The poison ivy that covers Josh's body every time he would do yard work.  Poor guy.  It made him absolutely miserable.

3 - This is yet another piece of our dishwasher that has rusted off.  Not too sad to be leaving this behind.
4 - The electrician who wired this house was a bit over-zealous.  Why does 1 small room need 4 different light switches.  There is even a switch on the wall for the dishwasher.  Heck, it took us 3 years to find out what one of the switches was for in the hallway.  Of course it was for the light up in the attic.  Good grief=)

5 - Our bathroom.  Every time Josh and I move we say that "we will definitely buy a house with a BIGGER bathroom".  The funny thing is that we have gotten significantly smaller each time we've moved.  I'll let this series of pictures speak for themselves=)
As you can see, this is a one-man bathroom.  Josh and I have had to learn a new form of language to navigate around it together.  It consists of taps on the shoulder, nudges on the back and sighs...letting the other one know that they are taking too long at one station and that their turn is complete.  Oh, did I mention that our closet is in there too!


Kelly Via said...

{laugh} we can't wait to have you here!!!!!

However...we do have some mighty crazy fire ants in these parts...they just don't make their way into the kitchen.

Anonymous said...



i HATE ants.