Saturday, February 5, 2022

January 2022


I am officially all caught up on the 'ol blog!

January was another full month.  We were given punch cards to Defy that we have been taking full advantage of this cold January at Defy.

Jude gave Cai a foosball table and literally NOBODY can beat him.  Except for the ONE time that I did! I basked in that glory all night long.

We had lots of ministry.  Josh lead worship for the first United Co event. It's a gathering of college age and young adults in the area.  It has HUGE potential and I know they are really excited about it.  

Josh also preached one weekend this month and did great, as always. 

Lois, our next door neighbor, called us one early Saturday morning. There had been a car parked in her driveway with a strange man in it.  Josh walked over and couldn't wake the guy up so he went inside with Lois and called the police.  When they got there they looked the guy up and there was a warrant for his arrest. The whole scene unfolded right outside our window. It was quite the eventful morning.

Cai had saved his birthday celebration from August because he wanted to take some friends to see the new Spiderman movie that was coming out in December.  Well, all his friends saw and WE even ended up seeing it so he opted for a gaming day with them.

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