Saturday, February 5, 2022

Looking Back - December 2021


Heidi gifted the squad with tickets to see Ellie Holcolm for Christmas.
It was a sweet night out.

Christmas services at church were moved to Christmas Eve evening.
It was a packed house both services and the creative elements were so awesome.

Pai celebrated her 40th birthday!

The day after Christmas we headed to VA to have the Via Christmas
Now THAT was a packed house!

On the way home we brought back Poppie's truck to test drive it for a few weeks to see if Rainy wanted to buy it as her own.  She followed us all the way home and did great, but as soon as we turned into the neighborhood to pick up Berkley we heard the sound of metal on gravel.  The tailpipe had fallen off and we realized the entire underside of the car was rusting through.  It took a while to get an appointment to get it fixed, but as soon as it was ready Rainy was ready to go!

And of course we ended the year with our traditional string party.

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