Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding The Green Grass On Your Own Side Of The Fence

It's so easy to see the grass that is green in someone else's yard, but nearly impossible to see the green grass in our own yard.

Why is that?

I have a few reasons why this has been the case in my own life.

1 - Selfishness - we want all the good things to come to us.  But in this, we are forgetting that God knows what is best for us and He knows what we can/cannot handle.

2 - Comparison - we are always comparing our lives to someone else's.  But have you ever noticed that we always compare up?  There is always going to be someone richer, smarter, better, more creative than us...we need to stop comparing!  We only compare down if it makes us look better...Ouch!

3 -Perspective - we see someone's green grass and it appears to be perfect.  We are only seeing part of the story.  I've talked about this a lot.  A person's "profile" can look picture perfect, while their life's content can be crumbling apart.

Pastor Jimmy had some wonderful things to say about it here on the June 5th message.

Just some food for thought as I count my own blessings today. 

I want to play in my own green grass today!

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Stacey said...

Make sure you take your shoes off! =)