Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2 Old One's and 7 New One's

The Hanna's and The Via's

2010 has come in like a whirlwind!

We got home from celebrating Christmas with my family late last Sunday night just to wash our clothes and head back out. We really know how to squeeze a lot into a little bit of time.

Here's how last week went down:
Monday - recoup and get ready for the next round
Tuesday - Josh headed to Charlotte to finish tracking his vocals and acoustic for our next CD Project.
Thursday - I packed up the kids and headed down to meet Josh to get all my tracking done. The violin was the last thing that had to be recorded before shipping it off to Nashville. I drove in and dropped the kids off with some of our good friends, Raina and Dan Newman, who have 2 kids who Areyna and Zeke absolutely ADORE! The Newman's were kind enough to let us crash with them Thursday night.
Friday - Headed further south to see some other great friends of ours near Greenville, SC. We've known Jody and Emily Jennings for years but it was the first time our kids were able to meet each other. Zeke was SO excited to have, not one, but two boys to play with and Areyna and Hattie Ruth were two pees in a pod! Millie and Cai just did their own thing as most babies do=) It was a house full for sure but what a sweet time.
Saturday - Headed down to Greenwood, SC to see some other friends of ours from college. Morgan and Curt Hanna are church planting and just launched Oasis Church in September.
Sunday - We lead worship for them on Sunday morning and then I did a first for a Sunday morning, I co-taught on the subject of Biblical submission from Ephesians 5. I thought it went really well. We got home late Sunday night.

We absolutely LOVE what we do but it sure is nice to be home...for 2 whole weeks I might add!

In 3 days the kids saw 2 old friends and made 7 more. On the way home Areyna asked "What friends are we going to go see now?" Oh the life we lead=)

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