Monday, January 4, 2010

Final Round

My Parents-My brother and his wife-Us-My sister and her family

Nonnie and G-Daddy with their grandkids
Our last stop on the Christmas train was in Maryland. My family always gathers at my sister's house to celebrate the fall/winter festivities over The New Year. Since my parents live in Colorado it isn't very often that we can all get together so this is always a special time. It is also the reason I list #8 on my resolutions EVERY YEAR! I swear I gain 10 pounds every time I get together with them=)

This is also when we do our annual String Party. If you have no idea what a String Party is you can check out our previous years HERE and HERE and come back tomorrow to see the tradition continue!

Here are a few more pictures of our extended weekend...ENJOY=)

Oh look, Zeke accumulated a few more bags=)

Miss Priss putting on her stockings

Play-doh time

G-Daddy and Micaiah

Sweet Cousins
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