Friday, January 30, 2009

Leaving Again - The Lady Who Lights The Candles

Josh and I left this morning for another weekend-long winter conference.  We are stoked about the opportunity and are anxious to see God work among these students.

On the way home from Camp Bethel 2 weekends ago I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to get done to catch up on at home.  Remember, I am still in the stage of pregnancy where I can't seem to get enough energy to get a shower before climbing back in bed at night=)  I was in desperate need of getting groceries, I had TONS of laundry to do, I absolutely could not forget another doctor's appointment, cleaning that had been put on the back burner, a newsletter to get out, accounting work in the office, the list seemed to go on and on.

The feelings began to overtake me as we got closer to the house.  I looked over at Josh and proposed a brainstorming idea.  "What if there was something we could do right before we left that would help me look forward to walking in the front door when we get home and RELAX."  (My family is laughing now because they know I don't know how to relax=))

Here was Josh's solution, being the husband he is and knowing I was in need of a laugh,  "Well, all we need to do is find a lady who will go in our house and tidy it up and light some candles all over."  I couldn't help but laugh.  Now it is an on-going joke.  Remember how I said earlier that I was in desperate need of getting groceries?  Well, that was 2 weeks ago and the only thing I picked up at the store to tide us over was bread and milk, ha!  I was in the process of telling Josh that we were going to have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to eat when we got back on Monday when he looked at me and said, "Maybe the lady who is coming over to light the candles can stock our pantry too?!"

Any takers?=)


sheltonfamily said...

I am the same way... i cannot stand to come home to a messy house. It just overwhelms me and makes being gone not very much fun. I now try no matter what to carve out the day before to get it all done. It normally means staying up late after the kids are asleep to get it all done. I don't know how you do it so much with all your travels. The candle sounds very nice....

Tony C said...

Your post get better and better. I crack up at your dialogue and often feel like I'm reading from outside a first person view from my own home.

Hope you guys have a blessed weekend.

BTW- be sure to save of that Frank's Red Hot's the original sauce in buffalo wings.