Monday, January 21, 2008

Relax, Relate, Release

Did any of you ever watch that show called "It's A Different World"? That was one of my favorites. It used to come on right before or after The Cosby Show. That was my 1 hr. of TV that I got for the day, I always loved that rule mom=) Anyway, there is one thing that Whitley, one of the main characters, taught me that stuck with me through all these years. It goes something like this (you should probably close your eyes to get the full effect), raise your hands up to the sky and say "relax", then bring your hands down along your sides shadowing your body and say "relate", and finally flick your hands in a matter as to say that you are letting it go behind you and say "release". I guess you really just have to have seen it, but it really works for me when I've had a bad day or something is just driving me crazy and I need to just stop talking and "relax, relate and release".
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