Tuesday, March 5, 2024

SOAR Aerial Competition

A few months ago Rainy asked if I would go with her studio to an aerial competition. First of all, I was thrilled that my nearly 19 year old daughter still wants me around and engaged in her life, passions and friends. Second, I was excited to experience the competition and watch the performers. So we loaded up the van with performers and headed to Fort Mill, SC for the weekend. The competition was real. I told my friends that I felt like I was walking around in an episode of Dance Moms. The adrenaline and the intensity were think in the air. Our girls did AMAZING, especially with it being their first competition. Rainy was beautiful as always, but at the end of her performance she told me she was not built for competition and didn't want to do it again. Although, a couple days later she was talking about what she wanted to work on for next year;)

There were 66 acts. Rainy was entry #34 and was awarded Elite platinum. Just a few points short from the next tier. She was also part of a Lyra ensemble. She started an Aerial Instagram page. Make sure you go follow her to check out her professional competition pics and you can see some videos from the performance HERE.

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