Wednesday, March 6, 2024

A Full February

 We had such a full February. 
Both Rainy (turned 19) and Jude (turned 12) had birthdays this month.

After Jude and Josh returned back from Guatemala several of the team members began getting sick. And sure enough both of my boys were down for the count within 48 hours. Josh's whatever-it-was lasted nearly the entire month. Poor Jude was so cold and chilled that he couldn't get enough layers to keep warm.

Alethia has thoroughly enjoyed her science class with my dad this year. Nearly every Wednesday evening I'll find her showing Josh what she learned that day:)

Zeke is so thoughtful sometimes! One morning he must have been in the mood to cook and made ALL of us breakfast. Even his older sister who hadn't even gotten out of bed yet. I love these little snapshots of sweetness.

Sports, sports, sports!

Cai finished up his indoor soccer season just as he and Jude's outdoor season kicked off. Jude's basketball season has been so strange. They began in November but their 8 games have been spread across 4 months. He actually has his last game tonight! Cai also wanted to try out for he school track team and made it! He is enjoying keeping in shape for soccer with running. And if that weren't enough, hockey keeps the boys active and happy in their spare time. And then there is the every present pull ups and dead hangs around the house.

Josh had gotten us tickets to see Nickel Creek for my birthday so we got to go enjoy phenomenal music together this month.

There were some other sweet moments I couldn't help but capture this month. Josh was dancing with Andi before a rehearsal one night, Josh and Cai watching the sunset together and Cai passed out on the couch after a long week of all the things.

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