Thursday, June 3, 2021

Looking Back - Projects 2020

 We figured we would use all this spare time we had on our hands and get a couple of projects done.  Josh helped me put a border around my garden and created a door.  I LOVED it!!! 

Back when my parents lived in Marion they had this amazing old milking barn.  Every time I would go visit I'd go searching for treasures within.  I found this old mantle. I came home and made it into a little decorative bench.  Well, I was kind of over the bench so Josh reclaimed it and made a coffee table for our carport! It is still there now and we use it almost every day.

On a day when we were trying to reclaim the shed we pulled out ALL of our bikes...or at least PARTS of bikes.  The kids began grabbing tools and set up a bike shop to see how many whole bikes they could put together with all the pieces.  Cai made a stunt bike where the front wheel would fall off if he flipped up the front of the bike.  Then he would pretend to flip off the bike and get hurt.  They took it to the park trails, with Zeke hiding in the bushes with the iPad to film people's reactions, ha!

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