Thursday, June 3, 2021

Looking Back - HWLW and Other Ministry Opportunities 2020

Shortly after our lives shut down we began to hear many people voice their need to be in the presence of the Lord.  We wanted to help bring the presence of the Lord into people's living room's together with us. So every Friday night we rearranged our living room and dining room into a studio and set up a Livestream on Social Media to gather "together" and make God's word the last words we meditate on as we head into another isolated weekend. We called it His Word Last Word, based on an idea Josh read about years ago.

Rainy sang with us. Zeke helped with cameras. The other three did scripture readings. It was a whole family affair.  It will always be a sweet memory in my mind, and I hope in theirs too.

We also had the opportunity to partner with Southeastern for their virtual chapels. We would go in and record a couple of weeks at a time.

And then there were the sets for our own church as we met with the band to record our services.


Students jumped in and a few services of their own.

Josh also wrote a couple of songs during the year. One of which he made a music video that Zeke helped to edit. It turned out fantastic!


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