Thursday, September 25, 2014

Rearranging Your Home ~ The "Why" behind it

I love to rearrange things in my house.
I'm not sure if Josh knew just what he was getting into when he married me, ha!

Things don't stay put for very long around here before growing legs and relocating.  And many times my family doesn't even know what hit them until I am running errands and they go to look for something and it is no longer in its designated "home".

"Why in the world would someone enjoy doing something so meaningless."
"What a waste of time."
"Why can't you just keep things in the same place?"

Let me give you a few reasons why I, and other's like me, may tend to move things around so obsessively.

  1. MAKING A HOME ~ I take my job as a homemaker very seriously.  I love creating spaces and environments around my home and sometimes things need to be moved to enable the current "project".
  2. EFFICIENCY ~ Sometimes rearranging my home is out of necessity to make things move or work more efficiently.
  3. DEEP CLEANING ~ Often, the urge to purge and a quick rearrangement of a room (or 3) tend to be simultaneous.  I begin to go through a closet and get rid of things and I find "treasures" I could use somewhere else in the house, which means I am most likely going to have to switch some things around to make it work.
  4. NEED FOR CHANGE WITHOUT SPENDING THE "CHANGE" ~ Contrary to popular belief, the Colony is not wealthy, and we can't just run to the store and get the latest and greatest decor for the home on a whim.  So when I become discontent with my surroundings I am faced with a choice.  I can either sulk about the things I don't and can't have OR I can walk around the house full of blessings and make it feel fresh without spending a dime.  By moving the couch around to the other side of the living room, switching up the bookcase angles, even changing the basket that holds the dishtowels or placing the fruit bowl on the island instead of the counter, has a way of making things feel fresh and new.
  5. THERAPEUTIC ~ My anxiety makes me feel the need to do something.  My fidget is organizing and rearranging things.  It helps ease the tension in my hands and body and gives me a sense of accomplishment in the process.
  6. CREATIVITY OUTLET ~ It has become almost a game for me to figure out things to make, made out of things we already own or have laying around, without having to spend a penny!
I decided that it would be fun to write a post about HOW I go about rearranging my house.  So come back tomorrow to get some tips on how I make my eyes and heart oh so happy:)

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Jennifer Hambrick said...

You have certainly gotten it down to an art =)!! Your home is always so lovely and inviting.