Friday, January 10, 2014

My Inner Creativity Has Been Unleashed!

We've been slowly chipping away at things around the house as we turn this once rented space into our family's home.

I've been thinking about some ideas for our bathroom.

When we first moved in, it had an 80's floral wallpaper on it...awesome.
It is also adorned with "lovely" green tile throughout, and its TINY size really limits any creativity and storage options.

I ended up taking the wallpaper down and painting it shortly after we moved in, but I still wasn't completely satisfied...until this morning.

I got the brilliant idea to go out into the shed and find a piece of wood to prop up on the tile for an instant shelf.  It's things like this that make my heart warm and my eyes happy.

We have come to embrace the age of this house and the little things that make it outdated unique, while freshening it up on a very small budget.

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