Thursday, December 19, 2013


My time with the Lord has lead me through II Kings over the past week or so.  As I've been reading it is sad to see all the foolish choices the leadership of Israel took.  You can see the downward spiral of their corrupted hearts.

But after generations and generations of Kings leading their people away from the Lord you will finally see a King who breaks those generational curses and decides to turn toward God.  To lead the people toward the one true King.

But as soon as you get relief in a verse reading, "and he did what was right in the eyes of the Lord", the very next sentence is "Nevertheless, the high places were not removed"!

You cannot expect to lead your family by just "doing right in the eyes of the Lord".  You must get rid of those "high places" that tend to grab your heart in moments of weakness.  You must destroy the temptations so there isn't the option to run toward them.

Don't be a cowardly King, unwilling to make those hard decisions to destroy the high places around your family because you fear the backlash of your people (or your family), or because you want something to hold onto "just in case" God doesn't come through.

Be the "King" God has made you to be.  Lead your family.  Destroy the high places, whatever they may be, in order to give your WHOLE heart to the Lord.

I don't want a "nevertheless" after my name.

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