Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wearing Love

So, I haven't posted much about my BIL and SIL lately.  Honestly I just can't think about it for too long.  I know I'll have to face their reality soon.  Very soon.  But not yet...

That said, I AM going to give their story in bullet form.  Because lists make me happy.  And I need happy when talking about it:)

So, here we go:
  • Their family had been right alongside of us during our adoption journeys
  • Their daughter is Alethia's best friend from the orphanage
  • We went, we came back, we thought we may be faced with the very choice they have been forced to make, we got approved
  • They went, they came back, they fought, they were denied
  • They are packing up their family and moving to Uganda on April 3rd, for 3 years, to complete the adoption process in-country in order to apply for a different kind of VISA.
There, I did it...

And as if that weren't enough to pull on your heart strings...

Okay, time for another list

  • The event is open until April 20th
  • *IMPORTANT!!!  At the top of the website, click “Find your hostess” and type in “Patience Leino”.  You will then see “SHOPPING PATIENCE LEINO’S TRUNK SHOW” at the top.  This is essential for proceeds to go to the Vias. 
  • If you want to give directly to Jonathan and Kelly you can visit their site HERE.  You should visit it anyway to see the exciting ways the Lord is going to use them during their time there.
  • PRAY, PRAY, PRAY...this family has made a very bold and faithful move in obedience and Satan is NOT happy.  Pray for safety, health and favor.

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Unknown said...

Praying! Getting everyone to pray, and going to buy my bracelet now! This is one of the bravest things I have ever seen.
P.S. I am also praying for all the family and friends that are going to miss them incredibly :)