Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yard Sale Success

Wow, what a weekend!
We had our joint yard sale with my brother and sister-in law
to raise money for our adoptions.
Kelly and Katie folding the mountains of clothes that were donated.
 The preparation was just as hard as the yard sale itself.
But thankfully we had LOTS of help!
We sure could not have done this on our own.

Our kids did AWESOME for us!
It helped that they had an endless flow of friends and cousins around.
They found several ways to keep occupied as us mommas worked.
Areyna and Zeke searching for "Diamond Castle"
Our yard looked like a freakin' flea market!
The 2-day madness was a steady stream from 7am until nighttime both days.
We even had a friend's youth group donate a van full from Richmond, VA!
 The older girls worked hard on selling Lemonade
as they joined in the yard sale fun.
Josh's brother, Jared, offered free magic tricks and entertainment
accompanied by Josh:)
I think my feet are still recouping after running around all weekend...
but man, what fun we had.
And, again, the Lord really showed off for us!
We made a grand total of $3780!

Again, we are humbled by the love and support we have had
from our friends, family and church as you all have stepped up
and helped in so many ways that we cannot even begin to list.

So, thank you!  We have been blessed.
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