Wednesday, February 27, 2013

So Much To Say - Part 2

A couple of months ago, am I really just now getting to these, a couple of you asked about some things you would like to hear about on the 'ol blog.

Anonymous asked:

"I'd love a sneak peek into what your quiet times look like from day to day. What's helped you guard being in the word while being busy with little people? :)"

First of all, I've found MY time.  That time in my day that is uninterrupted and easier to focus than any other time in the day.  And for me, that time is between 6am and 6:30am.  I have to wake up anywhere in between those times if I want to have enough time to quiet my heart and not feel rushed.

Some of you may be thinking, "but that's when my kids get up!", and to that I would say, "Well, that's another post for another day", ha!

So, if early in the morning doesn't work for you, then find a time that DOES work, and work on making it consistently work into your day.

A couple of years ago my spiritual focus was on prayer.  Man did I learn a lot that year about the attitude of the heart and the motivation of my prayers.  Anyway, I read this little prayer in one of the books I was going through and fell in love with the words.  I often pray this prayer as I get started.  It helps set the tone of my time with the Lord as I try to shut off the to-do lists already reeling in the back of my mind.

Now, the next thing I'm gonna mention is kind of silly, but two things that I LOVE to have during my quiet time is COFFEE and MUSIC.  Coffee wakes my mind up and some quiet instrumental or worship music in the background just adds to the heart preparation:)

I'm a huge fan of YouVersion.  I downloaded the FREE app on my phone.  It has daily devotionals, all sorts of different reading plans, the Bible in multiple translations and so much more!

One year I found a reading plan to read through the Bible in a year, so sometimes I have a long-term focus as opposed to a shorter study.

I like studies through specific sections of the Bible.  One that I just completed a couple of months ago was called "Radically Obedient".  This study spoke directly to my heart!  As a matter of fact, the author, whom I can now call "friend", gifted me a copy of her newest devotional called "You Belong To The Bridegroom" which I am thrilled to get started as soon as I finish my current study!  These studies are excellently written.  Aliene has a way of gently guiding you as you sift through the Scripture.  She sets up each week in a way that dives deep into the Word, but not in an overwhelming way.  I highly recommend devotions like this!

Currently I am going through a reading plan which allows me to complete Psalms and Proverbs in 30 days.  I am also finishing up the "Unglued" Bible devotional by Lysa TerKeurst.  I'm a HUGE fan of Lysa and all that I've read from her as well!

I'm a huge advocate for a prayer journal.  A lot of times I begin by just writing out the things that I'm afraid I'm going to forget to do, since that is a huge distraction for me.  Having it all written down in one place frees me up to temporarily set it aside.  Then I get into praying.  Sometimes I don't even write full sentences, I'll write a name or a short request since my mind travels faster than my pen a lot of times.  I love that God knows my heart and the things I want to tell Him before it even comes out!

Additional books are an extra.  Since my time gets cut short by kids throwing up before school, or with lunch packing that I procrastinated on, I don't always have the time to just sit and read.  But when I do, I love to be in books that focus on the different areas of life that I am in the midst of.

When we were going through the adoption, I often found myself diving into books about interracial families and attachment issues.

When we were going through all of Zeke's testing I was reading a lot about Aspbergers, Autism and learning disabilities.

I am currently reading "Six Ways To Keep The 'Little' In Your Girl" and a marriage book, which is a secret, until I'm done, and then I will share:)

I always try to pray when I'm done, just committing my day to the Lord.  But, I never say Amen...and HERE'S WHY.

I'd love nothing more than to say that I'm a super Christian and I never miss a day, but that's just not true.  I'm a work in progress. I have times of inconsistency and dryness.  I have times when God is silent and times when He shouts.  I have times when my bed is WAY too comfortable in the morning...
...but these things are my goal.  These are the things that I've found that help me hear my Father's voice and draw me closer to Him.

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Kelly Via said...

Very wise words from a great mommy! You do a good job using your time wisely. Your insight is full of wisdom! Great post.