Monday, May 4, 2009

The Prayer Of Quiet

The Prayer Of Quiet
By: Richard Foster

"I have, O Lord, a noisy heart.  And entering outward silence doesn't stop the inner clamor.  In fact, it seems only to make it worse.  When I am full of activity, the internal noise is only a distant rumble; but when I get still, the rumble amplifies itself.  And it is not like the majestic sound of a symphony rising to a grand crescendo; rather, it is the deafening din of clashing pots and clanging pans, what a racket!  Worst of all, I feel helpless to hush the interior pandemonium.
Dear Lord Jesus, you once spoke peace to the wind and the waves.  Speak Your shalom over my heart.  I wait silently...patiently.  I receive into the very core of my being Your loving command, 'Peace, be still.'  Amen."

I am committing to pray this prayer every day for the next week before entering into my time of worship with my Savior.  I don't know about you but sometimes I can't get the expectancy of the day's activities or the grocery list out of my mind when I should be focused on the only thing that actually matters, becoming more intimate with my Heavenly Father!
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