Friday, March 30, 2012

MMMM - Ugandan Rice And Beans

Ugandan Beans And Rice

Here's another meal to add to my new segment on the ol' blog - Minimalist Meals For Many Mouths

This meal is a staple for the Ugandans.  Josh and I want to help be reminded of, not only our time there, but of the people that remain.  The majority of the world lives on food like this, many times being the only meal they get that day (or week for that matter) and we don't want to soon forget.  We also want to incorporate things from Alethia's culture.  So, we've decided that we are going to make this meal every week.  No dessert or extras (except Pineapple and/or Chapati, which are common staples as well) on this night, as it is a night for remembering.

Here are all the ingredients you need to make a hearty, healthy, affordable meal for your family.


Jasmine Rice - 
This bag was around $7 and we only use 1 1/2 Cups a meal

Dry Red Kidney Beans - 
Under $2/bag - I bought 3 bags and it has lasted about 5 meals

Cabbage -
About $1-$2 depending on sales - 1 head lasts 3 meals


Tomatoes -

Carrots -
$1/bag - lasts about 3 meals - You'll need 3 carrots, chopped

Royco Spice - 
This can be found in Uchumi, the market in Kampala
BUT if you don't make it out that way very often;)
You can order it HERE
About $8 w/ Shipping and lasts several meals - You'll need 4 TBSP

Desired amount of diced onion (optional)


1 - Place beans in pot w/ 4 cups of water and let soak over night
2 - Drain when it's time to begin preparing dinner
3 - Place 3 cups of water in beans and let boil, then simmer for 45 minutes to an hour
4 - Make the rice
5 - Chop the cabbage and carrots (and onions)
6 - Saute Cabbage and carrots (and onions) in some olive oil and
then add the tomatoes (w/ juice) and garlic
7 - When beans are done add the Royco spice and let simmer 5 more minutes
8 - Add the vegetables to the beans and let cook for 5-10 more minutes.
9 - Eat it and ENJOY!
10 - But don't forget to thank the Lord for his ever present provisions:)

Health Benefits:
Cabbage - cholesterol lowering, and cancer fighting
Carrots - can greatly lower your risk cancer, stroke and heart disease
great for improving your vision
Beans - high in protein, energy booster, improves digestive tract 
(among other benefits)
Rice - rich in carbs for energy, low in sodium, cholesterol free,
reduces cancer and heart disease


Amanda @ The Pelsers said...

Looks yummy. Have you tried using regular spices together rather than using the mix? I'd love to try it, but I don't want to use a mix because of additives and food allergies here.

Kellie Camp said...

That looks yummy! We eat black beans and rice about once a week here for a meal. It's actually one of my favorites. I might have to try making something very similar to this recipe. Thanks for sharing!