Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's A Lifestyle

My friend, Jenn, is lending me a GREAT book called "Satisfy My Thirsty Soul", by Linda Dillow.  I just finished the 3rd chapter and am going to re-read it again and again until it completely sinks in.  The theme of the whole book is allowing your life to be a whole life of worship, instead of separate acts of worship!

Chapter 3 has been so full that I can't seem to grasp it all.  I have a long way to go before I can learn to still the outside and inside clamor of life to actually letting God speak to my soul and truly worship Him.

Linda challenges us to worship with  the ABC's of Worship.  You know, go through the ABC's and think of attributes of God to praise Him with.  
A-Almighty, Amazing, Abba
B-Benevolent, Brilliant, Beautiful
C-Captivating, Creator, Conqueror, etc.

The first day I tried it I was so frustrated because I couldn't get past her sample list and keep going on my own without seeing the carpet stain on the floor, thinking of one more thing to add to the grocery list or about the stack of e-mails I had to get caught up on.

She said that this is completely normal at first.  "Our bodies sit, but our minds race.  Ready to get on with the day, we hope our moments with God win His approval."

A few pages later she says the most profound thing; "When God, in a beautiful way, silenced my soul in His presence, I was not seeking an experience, I was seeking God Himself.  If God grants us experiences with Himself, we rejoice and thank Him, but our purpose must be to bless Him, to seek Him, not what He can give."  Wow!

Here is an acronym that can help us remember how to become still in His presence.

S-Seek Stillness - "we have to be intentional about stillness"

T-Take A Retreat - schedule a time, whether it's a day or two every month away from the kids/work or a hour that you've scheduled and designated for time alone with God (I really want to do this.  If I have time in my schedule to catch coffee with a friend or go to the grocery store I can find time to get away with God every month.  Just me and Him!)

I-Increase Prayer - Read and pray through the Prayer of Quiet to still your heart.  Grab a pad of paper and pen to write down those extra things that pop in your head for your to-do and grocery lists to allow your mind to forget them during this time.

L-Let Go Of External Clamor - Learn that "stillness is not about the environment around me; it is about the environment within me".

L-Learn the 20-minute Worship Experience - Make it a practice to make the first 20 minutes of your quiet time simply worshiping God and quieting your soul

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Shannon Bradley said...

Thanks Tasha! Very encouraging to me today...:)