Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Results

Well, the weather kind of put a damper on our weekend anniversary celebration plans.  I was really wanting to explore the streets of Charlotte and get a hotel UpTown and just hang out there for the entire weekend, but after we realized that just wasn't going to happen, it didn't take long to get into our "game"=)

We kept saying how much fun we were having with NO agenda and only us to worry about so it didn't matter what we were really doing!

Here's what we did and how much $ we spent...

  • Baskin Robbins - BOGO coupon- spent $3
  • Walked around in a few stores while we got hungry for dinner - FREE
  • Drove UpTown to Brixx Pizza for an amazing dinner - BOBO coupon - spent $13 (this includes a GREAT tip for our waitress)
  • Starbucks - Gift Card - FREE
  • Smelly Cat Coffeehouse - we wanted to check out the scene and got some FREE entertainment and a brownie inside - spent $2
  • Came home to sleep in peace in our own bed - FREE
  • Slept in and got a late Breakfast - Harris Teeter gift card - FREE
  • Starbucks for coffee and a long, uninterrupted quiet time - Gift Card - FREE
  • Target for lunch - Gift Card - FREE
  • Snacks for the movie - Target gift card - FREE
  • Josh and I average about 2 movies in a theatre a year.  We didn't have a coupon but it was the cheap theatre so we figured this counted=)  $2 movie theatre to watch Valkyrie (GREAT movie by the way) - spent $4
  • Drove to IKEA to return some shelves and walked around in peace without the kids.  FREE
  • Panera Bread for dinner - Gift Card - FREE (I must add that this is one of my favorite places to eat.  I ALWAYS used to get the soup in a bread bowl but the last 3 times I've been there they have been OUT!  I'm a little disappointed.)
  • Came back home to spend the night in our own bed and to read and just "catch up" (and get out of the rain!!!) - FREE

***We did get $20 worth of gas in the car so even if you add that in we only spent $42.00 and had a GREAT romantic weekend together=)  We are TERRIBLE, this is the ONLY picture we took all weekend...=)


MeMe and Poppee said...

How about you figuring out vacation for us. That would be great!
With the kind of weekend you had, I bet you could come up with some great vacation savings!! Ha!


Kelly Via said...

The frugal queen is at it again!! You get the frugal wife of the year award for this nice anniversary 'getaway'. I am so glad you guys had fun with your 'game'!!