Saturday, April 19, 2008

Come For A Visit?

Imagine a long lost futon in the room of a teenager later passed on to the younger brother in college who later got married and moved it into their guest bedroom, who then donated it to the young sister-in-law with not a single bit of furniture so she could have it as a couch.  Then, she ran out of room for it and gave it to her parents who donated it to some people in their church who then passed it down to another couple in the church.  Then the young sister-in-law got married and moved into seminary and they needed a guest bed so the parents confiscated the futon back and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  The futon became one with the family as they traveled around the southeast until they landed in Charlotte, NC.  This is an Asian style wood futon that lays on the floor and folds up to be a couch, sort of.  The feather mattress/cushion  had been slept on and worn so flat that you could feel the boards underneath...our poor visitors!  Oh the lies they told every morning over breakfast.  "Yeah, my back always hurts", and "No, I always walk slouched over in pain".  I slowly began to get embarrassed about our poor little guest bed UNTIL TODAY.  The old has gone, actually has been dumped, and the new has come, well new for us...isn't Craig's List the BEST!!  So, is anybody up for a visit?


the burchard bunch said...

You are a complete nut!! You'll have to ask Rusty to share about his mom and dad's "big yellow couch". It, like your futon, has made it's way into every member of the Burchard family's home (except ours!)!! Not sure how I managed that one, but I'm glad I did :) BTW: Missed ya guys tonight! Hope you had a great evening!

Hatchee said...

What?! the futon?!?!? You heartless person! I really liked that thing! I'm so Not ever coming to vist you guys ever again!
okay, that's a lie.
But i really did like the futon.
Sad Day.

the broomes said...

I love it!!! I want to see pics of the new find...:)