Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's Play A Game

Some of you have asked what I do with the kids while we travel around and play everywhere, so I decided I'd fill you in on a little secret. Here's what we're going to do - I got the idea from Elmo...can you find what is "The Same" in all the pictures?

ANSWER: Portable High Chair, yeah you got it!
If any new mom ever asks me again "what I just can't live without", this is what I'll be telling her. We've never even owned a real high chair (or crib for that matter, only pack-n-plays). We've gotten our money's worth out of these bad boys. That's right. I have a good 30 min. (0n average) to get some practicing in with the band from the time I place the lunchables on the tray to the time when the leftovers go flying across the floor. Areyna is old enough to know that "No Stage" means no stage but we're still working on Zeke. He still thinks he can army crawl his way up the steps and turn the monitors ALL THE WAY UP!! (sorry JT and Mike)
So, if you are in a bind and just don't know what to do with the kids, bring that portable chair and a packed snack or meal to tide them over and keep them occupied while you get to work=)


Just Me said...

I've seen this in action and it really does work!

Jennifer Hambrick said...

I have to agree...the portable high chair ranks in my top ten list of must haves as a mom =)

sheltonfamily said...

I have to agree as well... pack n play and booster chair are musts! Anna has slept in a pack n play the whole time as well... she has a bassinett one so it is smaller and can fit through any door way. I love it and am convinced it has made her a better sleeper!