Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Favorite Things #5

Christmas Parties!!! Paul Allen, Executive Pastor of Southbrook Church, had a Christmas Open House this past weekend at his house for all the volunteers. It was the coolest thing, to have ALL of our closest friends that we do ministry with in one house! I thought I might be the only bad parent to keep my kids up past bedtime, but we were in good company=) Areyna kept telling me, "I don't WANT to leave, we have so many friends here!" I know this may seem silly to be one of my FAVORITE THINGS, but we came from a very dark time last year and it is so encouraging to have friends that love us and are supporting us this year during this season! So, I guess my favorite thing is really our home church, SOUTHBROOK!! Thank you staff and volunteers, for being committed to Christ and obeying His Calling to reach this lost city!


Rhonda said...

That's so great that you have a church to be part of and such encouraging friends to go along with it. Praise God.

Just Me said...

I agree with you Tasha and I'll even do you one better. I get to work with those awesome volunteers (like Josh and yourself) everyday. It was wonderful for me to be able to celebrate the holidays that way.