Monday, November 19, 2007

What a GREAT day!

I had such a good day today! Mondays are our days off, our FAMILY day!! We all slept in until around 9:30 and we took our time getting up and at 'em because we had no agenda for the day. Then the kids had a successful room time together with no screaming and fighting. It was so pretty outside that we had lunch outside and then played out there the rest of the day. We did have some last min. stuff to get done around the house because we are leaving for "Thanksmas" at my sister's in MD tomorrow (we are combining Thanksgiving and Christmas because my sister's 3rd baby is due the first week in Jan. and that is usually the time MY family gets together to do Christmas)!! Can you believe Thanksgiving is THIS week? Anway, while the kids played outside Josh finished staining our new deck he built a couple of months ago and I got caught up on phone calls that I've been meaning to make. This is HUGE for those of you who know how much I just LOVE talking on the phone... not really. I love these kind of days.
We had a good day of worship yesterday at South Pointe Fellowship in the morning and then at Ridge Church last night. I'm also so Thankful to be a part of Southbrook Church which had an AWESOME day yesterday too, even though we didn't get to be there. You can check out what happened there on Rob Singleton's blog, and you can read more about our day of ministry on Josh's blog.

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