Thursday, November 29, 2007

Read This Blog and You Could Save Hundreds of Dollars!!!

Zeke has battled a runny nose since he was born, almost 17 months ago. I'm embarrassed when I drop him off at the nursery sometimes because they look at me like I'm crazy for bringing such a "sick child" around the other kids. I always have to make sure that I tell them, "He's not contagious, I PROMISE!!". You can check out this FUNNY VIDEO from Josh's blog. I mean, Zeke has been on so many anti-biotics they just have to take one look at his THICK FILE of monthly anti-biotic prescriptions at the Pediatricians office that they don't even make me come in for an appointment anymore. They really are baffled as to what it could be, but we think it's probably an allergy of some sort. Anyway, we have been to the ENT several times for severe double ear infections, had pink eye a half dozen times, bronchitis, and several other side effects, not to mention the terrible snoring we can hear down the hall over the music playing in their room and the fan on high! So, after this last round of anti-biotics my mom suggested taking him off of ALL dairy products. That didn't work either so we kind of gave up on that idea...and then Thanksgiving came. We went to my sisters and she had just gotten a humidifier hooked up because her youngest little boy needed it. By the third day Zeke was SNOT FREE!! We couldn't believe it. But as soon as we got home, the runny nose came back within 24 hr. So, we went out and spent $20 (less than a copay) on a humidifier and wouldn't you know, NO MORE RUNNY NOSE! Yeah. Who would have thought that a $20 humidifier could have saved us hundreds of dollars this past year on doctors visits and prescriptions.


Emily Jennings said...

I love humidifiers. They cut out the static too.

Rhonda said...

That is sooo cool! How neat that you found the cure to Zeke's little runny nose.

Jennifer Hambrick said...

Tash - we just bought humidifiers for each kids room, our room, and the living room...and have noticed such a difference in all of us. We 1st did it because we were told it would help with Ezra's cough - it did. But all of us have stopped waking up with sore throats, etc. Crazy, huh. One of the best ways I ever spent 50bucks.