Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Meals A Day = PATIENCE

I hate meal time. I hate having to get it all ready (cut up, spread out, filled up, and cooled off) for the kids so much that I even dread the thought of it. Especially when, as soon as I sit down, Areyna needs more juice and Zeke already needs a second helping. I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. Therefore, I have become a hard core believer in snacking=) I guess that was easier to keep up with, calorie wise, when I played soccer EVERYDAY! I have always known that I need to eat all three meals of the day, but sometimes I get sidetracked by the kids and getting them fed, or helping Josh in the office, that I "forget" or simply don't put any effort into making breakfast or lunch for myself. I have started noticing a trend in my attitude when I don't get enough calories, though. I tend to get very irritable, light-headed, snappy, and sometimes downright irrational. My patience goes out the window by Zeke's first nap (and that's at 10:30am). Needless to say, I have to really make a conscience effort to eat all my meals. The past 2 days have been catch-up days after being gone and so my meals have been sporadic, but today I have already eaten breakfast AND lunch!! Woohoo!! My energy level is up and my patience level is sky high, even though we've had numerous temper tantrums, fights, bad attitudes AND I've cleaned up Areyna's pee all over the house today=( Have I mentioned I hate potty training! Anyway, today is a day I'm turning over a new leaf. I AM NOT going (well, I'll try not to) fore go another meal EVER least this week.


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm right there with you... however, I dread the "getting everyone ready and out the door on time" part of the day as much as your dread meal time! It is a tough time I think with our age ranges.. .I must remember the joy and the blessing of my girls each day! Hope you all are doing well! Holly

Lance Ratliff said...


On a side note, and not trying to avoid pee stories. LOL :) You played awesome last night. Thank You for bringing your beautiful music for us to hear.

fellow Brookie