Friday, April 12, 2024



Josh and I were in Honduras during our twenty two year anniversary. And it just so happened that we had a two day period between visiting our missionaries so we decided to take advantage of the time and spend a few days together on the beach outside of La Ceiba. We are always a year or two behind the big years (like 15 and 20 year celebrations) but we'd been saving up for just the right time. So our 20-year get-away on our 22 year anniversary sounded perfect, lol.

It was GORGEOUS! We practically had the beach to ourselves. Our hotel room had mountains on one side and beach on the other. We had no agenda. We slept a lot. We read a lot. And enjoyed the tropical sunshine.

Oh, and we got matching tattoos! Don't worry, it was friend recommended and she even went with us. We made new friends that night as we watched a huge futbol game and got inked! Josh found the coordinates of the building where we first met on our college campus that we tattooed on our arms. Nothing says Happy Anniversary like spontaneous, matching tattoos!

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