Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Guatemala 2024

With Josh being over missions at our church he takes many trips to visit and serve with our global partners all over the world. This most recent trip to Guatemala was supposed to happen in the fall, but with the political unrest they had to reschedule. Jude was able to go with him. It was his first time out of the country and even on an airplane (outside of my belly or his infant carseat at least). Josh said he did AMAZING! Josh's brother Jared, and his daughter, Hannah (Jude's age), got to go with the team too so that was really special. 

They held some women's conferences, had some fun things for the kids in the villages, traveled hours into the mountains to remote areas that the Bader's ministry works with. The church had baptisms in the river that Josh and the team got to witness, they went on house visits and did some building.

The last day was a fun day. They got to hike an active volcano!

Jude had ALL the words when he got home and said it was nice to be home, but he was sad to not be in Guatemala anymore. Josh kept up with the trip so you can jump over to his Instagram for more pictures and first hand updates.

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