Monday, July 24, 2023

July - Back Into Routine

 We tried to pack in as many friends and visitors as we could before slowly easing our way back into routine and school.  We started out the month with Zeke turning 17. He is becoming quite the man-child. The Hambrick's came in and we had the BEST time! Jude and Ben have become really sweet friends and have hung out quite a bit this summer. School began light as we just focus on English and Math to get going again. The big change here is that Cai came to us to ask if we could talk about him transferring back into public school. We tried to think of all of the pros and cons to each side and sat and prayed on it for a week. When we came back together we all thought it would be great for Cai. This kids LOVES people, and activity and routine. Not only was the month a cacophony of paperwork and student service office visits, Cai also has the soccer team to jump into. We got everything approved just in time to make the last summer practice with the team. A week later he just on a school activity bus and headed to UNCG for a weekend soccer camp with his potential team. He came back completely EXHAUSTED but said he had a great time. There is a week of student camp with 7Marks and then he jumps right into soccer tryouts for the school. 

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