Sunday, December 31, 2017

Missing Pieces Of 2017 - Thanksgiving Meals

Journey rallied together and bought nearly 300 Thanksgiving meals for families in need.
I was so giddy watching the brown paper bags being carted back all morning long,
because I knew that we were 100 down on the list to get some of them 
for the community we were serving...
and we needed 66 of them!

So my prayer was at LEAST 166 of those meals so that we could pass out a meal
to EVERY family in our MC community.

It was so awesome seeing the LORD provide though His Church.

We loaded up over 500 pounds of turkeys
The rest of the meals went in another vehicle.

Our MC got together, made an action plan, prayed and...

...headed out to go deliver these meals.
Some families were thankful, others said they had someone else they could bless with it,
and then there were the families who literally dropped everything in tears of thankfulness
for this food that would cover their tables.

Many gospel conversations were had and we were able to pray with dozens of families.
Follow up is the next step during this winter season!

Including the kids on our mission is an integral part of our MC (since there are over 20 kids!)

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