Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Photos

I have never been so sad to see a track-out come to an end,
but SO thankful for the memories we have made over the past few weeks!

Lounging in the kiddie pool on the front porch...fully clothed of course

Zeke has been working on a new movie and I must say,
he does a REALLY great job directing this crew!
I love little barefeet

Admiring herself after a few hours at the Colony Salon


I love how Josh enters into THEIR world with them

Always. Chasing. The. Chickens.

I love her silhouette

RIP Bubbles. Just days after this was taken Bubbles the Beta Fish escaped out of this world.

Josh introducing his boys to The Lord of the Rings

My view for longer than I can remember.
But the project is complete and turned in.  Defense is on April 4th!

Sunsets that appear to be painted in the sky

Blueberry blossoms

Lazy spring afternoons
They are always so resourceful, ha!

If I could sum up the past 3 weeks in one photo

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