Wednesday, October 26, 2016

There's A New Chef In The Kitchen least one night a week!

Areyna has always loved being in the kitchen.  She began baking with her Daddy when she was tiny and can now concoct her own goodies all on her own.  But lately she has been begging me to make dinner.  Not just HELP with dinner, but actually do the whole process.

So now, once a week, she has the task of planning, creating the grocery list (and making sure I have it before we go out and do our weekly shopping trip), and cooking dinner for the Colony.  And with seven different taste palates, this is no small task.

She prefers cookbooks over online menus and recipes, which I completely understand.  After finding the perfect main dish and side we go through the list of ingredients together to make sure that we get/have everything.

While making my weekly menu I make sure we have a night that isn't too rushed and where we will all be together for dinner.

Last night she chose Crockpot Roast (her Daddy's favorite!) and we had a side of rice (because the other "secret" side that she chose takes 5-7 days to we'll save that one for next week).

Rainy's Roast was BY FAR one of the tastiest roasts I have ever eaten, and I'm not just saying that!  It was definitely better than any I have ever made.  This meal was a great boost for her self-esteem and motivator to keep going with her passion in the kitchen.

She even recruits help to get dinner cleared off the table and cleaned up because it's my night off!

And of course a dessert is required when Rainy is chef for the night so she made Snickerdoodles and we roasted Marshmallows to go inside...YUM!

Since we rarely ever eat out this one night a week off in the kitchen for me is a welcomed bonus to our homeschooling.

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