Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good Gifts From My Father

I like lists so much that I even have lists that aren't written down anywhere, they simply are written and stored away in my mind.

(Yes, I am aware of how weird that sounds.)

This list even has a title, because all good lists must have a purpose and title.

I call it the "Want and Wait" list.

It is a list of things that I would love to purchase one day.
But because they aren't necessarily needs, I can't justify their purchase at the particular time.

The things on my list lay more in the gray area...you know, things like an extra set of sheets, a nail gun (Don't judge. I like power tools.  So much so that I received a sander for Christmas!  Yup. Amazing. I actually prefer power tools over kitchen gadgets if that gives you any idea of my passions.), even some accessories and clothing items.

Anyway, my list has been known to be pretty lengthy at times.

About a year ago I added some rain/garden boots to my mental "want and wait" list.  I had shoes that worked just fine while keeping up with the chickens and doing yard and garden work.  But it sure would be nice to have some outside working boots so I didn't get my jogging shoes all muddy.

So on the list they went.  They sat there for a while.  I'd look at the boots in stores when I'd be perusing around.  I even looked online to price them and find a deal, but never felt the freedom to actually buy them.

A couple of weeks ago I was over at a friend's home helping her organize her storage area/garage.  I love to help women feel content and at peace in their home.  Plus, throwing junk away and making piles of unused items to get rid of makes me all giddy inside.  Bring those two things together and you have the makings of a very beautiful thing!  Anyway, I was sifting through bins of fertilizer, paint and camping gear when my friend came up to me with a pair of rain boots and nonchalantly asked if I wanted them.  (There also happened to be a couple other items on my list that she was getting rid of.)

Man what an awesome gift.  My Heavenly Father knew my heart, softened the heart of my friend to be used by Him, and gifted me this pair of boots through her.

He used her generous heart.
Blessed me with a good gift.
And in this gift I have been reminded, every time I put those boots on, that God does love me.  He provides for me.  And he cares about even the littlest of details.

I'm not saying that God will always give you whatever you want.  Oh no.  But sometimes he wants to shout his love through a gift that will bring Him greater glory!

I am so thankful for a God who hears me, sees me, and loves me, a sinner saved by His grace!

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!"
Matthew 7:11

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